New starch extraction technology make the cassava starch yield > 94%[2018-06-12]

Doing Machinery improved the starch extraction machine design technology to make sure the cassava starch yield reach to more than 94%, this meaned that...

Preparation of cassava starch solution[2018-05-16]

The preparation of cassava starch solution is a physical separation process, it is the starch in the and cellulose, protein, inorganic matter and other...

We are DOING[2018-05-15]

On May 11-12, 2018, Doing Company all people went to the Wenhui Villa in Dengfeng, Henan province, China for a two-day, one-night quality development p...

Business plan on garri processing industry[2018-05-10]

The business plan on garri processing industry, its investment not large, because the cassava as raw material is cheap, garri processing technology not...

Garri processing plant layout[2018-05-09]

This garri processing plant layout include the cassava cleaning and washing system, cassava peeling machine, cassava grinding machine, hydraulic press ...

DOING cassava processing machines technology upgrading[2018-05-08]

If you have other problem during the cassava cleaning process, you can tell us, and our engineer can solve the problems for you, also can as your reque...

Business plan for cassava starch processing plant[2018-05-10]

For the made of business plan for cassava starch processing plant. With the cassava starch used in all kinds of production advantages appeared, cassava...

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