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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Cassava starch making machine

The complete set of cassava starch making machine includes

Cleaning& Washing Machine Dry sieve Paddle washing machine
Grating Machine Rasper  
Starch and Slag Separation Machine Centrifugal Sieve Fine Fiber Sieve
Starch Refining Machine Desander Hydrocyclone system
Dehydrating & Drying Machine Peeler Centrifuge Flash Dryer

cassava starch making machineCassava starch making machine

Doing Company's existing cassava starch production line includes (Raw material handling capacity per hour): 5 tons / hour, 10 tons / hour, 15 tons / hour, 20 tons / hour, 60 tons / hour, 100 tons / hour, 300 tons / hour.

DOING cassava starch making machine is simple in structure and easy to operate, and the entire production line can be operated by just a few people. DOING engineers are also available for overseas to instruct the equipment installation, commissioning, and training of workers to use the equipment. Below we highlight several complex cassava starch making machine.


Rasper: Rasper is a commonly used cassava starch making machine used for cassava grinding in modern cassava starch processing plant. This equipment has high efficiency of grinding, high starch extraction rate and high output.

The principle of the cassava starch making machine is very simple, that is, using a high-speed boring tool to break the cassava to release the starch granules. The following matters should be paid attention to during operation in order to improve efficiency and extend the service life of the equipment.

The operator needs to pay attention to the motor temperature and machine sound during operation. If the sound of cassava starch making machine suddenly becomes smaller, it means that there is too much material in the rasper, and the feeding amount should be reduced appropriately.

In the economic accounting of starch plants, water consumption and starch yield are two important indicators. DOING high efficient rasper can ensure high starch yield. As for water consumption, when using this cassava starch making machine, in the process of adding water and using the return water, the water volume should be appropriate, too little water can not wash away the broken material, too much water will cause waste.

cassava starch making machineDOING rasper sale to Nigeria

Hydrocyclone system: The protein content is a key indicator for testing the quality of starch. Excessive protein content will directly affect the use of starch. For example, in the case of glucose injection, if the starch with too high protein is used, there will be mildew and white spots, so the cassava starch making machine used to reduce the protein content in starch is crucial.

Most of the starch produced by using the traditional method usually adapts the method of pool sedimentation to remove the protein, which takes up a large plant site and can not effectively remove protein impurities, which not only affects the quality of starch but also restricts the yield.

The cassava starch making machine used for starch concentration and refining by Doing Company adopts the advanced hydrocyclone system of European process, which combines protein separation and starch washing in one. The working principle of the hydrocyclone system is to take use of the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the cyclone tube to separate starch and protein impurities. Due to the yellow pulp and the starch has different gravity, so that the heavy material flows down the pipe wall and is discharged through the bottom flow port. The light material rotates upward at the center and is discharged by the upper overflow port.

cassava starch making machineStarch refining hydrocyclone

However, since the fine micropowder is close to the specific gravity of the large particle protein, the hydrocyclone group is used only for washing the starch in the purification process. A multi-stage cyclone is also required to separate the proteins. After the protein is separated, a certain amount of whitening substance can be added to this cassava starch making machine to allow it to fully react and increase the whiteness of the starch.

The cassava starch making machine includes a complete set of equipment from raw material cleaning to stone removal, washing, grindng, centrifugal extraction, cyclone concentration, vacuum dehydration, air drying, automatic packaging, etc. DOING engineers have decades of experience in starch processing, not only can customize cassava starch making machine according to your requirements and budget, but also can provide services such as floor plan layout design and workshop floor plan design to ensure that you can create a beautiful and practical cassava starch processing plant.

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