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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Key points to cassava starch processing

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch processing chart flow

With the advantages of huge yield and high starch content, cassava roots have become good alternative to make starch for our daily use. Extracted starch from cassava roots is widely used in food and non-food industry for many years. And how to make high quality cassava starch is what Doing company dedicated to studying and putting into practice. 

cassava starch processing plant

Cassava cleaning and peeling section

1. Cassava cleaning section in cassava starch processing. As we all know, the cleaning of cassava roots is the first step of production. The cleaner cassava tubers are, the better quality starch we can get finally.
Here DOING use Triple Cleaning System: Firstly cassava tubers rolling forward in Drum-type Washer, with spray water removing dusts and muddy; Secondly Paddle-type Cleaning Machine would wash away impurities existing in concave; Thirdly cassava roots go through Drum-type Washer again, which finish cleaning completely.
cassava starch processing machine
Cassava grating machine
2. Cassava Grating in cassava starch processing plant.grating machines are mainly used to break cells of cassava and make starch release as much as possible, which determines the output quantity.

Based on the characteristics (big size and numerous fires) of fresh cassava, DOING apply Double Crushing Process: In the first step, Knife-type Crusher grates cassava into small particles; Then Hammer Crusher smash particles into finer ones. The double processing system produced by DOING has the advantages of higher starch extraction rate, lower consumption and better efficiency.

cassava starch processing machine

Fiber separating machine

3. Fiber separating in cassava starch processing. According to scientific and reasonable experiment by DOING  engineer, here we utilize Vertical Centrifuge Sieve with 3-stages counter-current washing. The machine has large processing capacity and good stability. During the cassava starch processing, the residue mixture pulp enters the first-stage sieve and then fiber slag flows into the next stage sieve sequentially for washing. Pulp from the first two steps goes in Pressure Sieve for fining while slurry from the third stage back to the front to wash fiber, so as to form countercurrent washing, saving water as well as improving concentration rate of pulp. This process should make sure that starch existing in fiber less than 5%.   

cassava starch processing machine

Starch refined machine

4. Starch refined section in cassava starch processing. Except starch, cassava roots also contain cellulose, protein, fat, inorganic ash, which should be removed completely at most. Hydrocyclone produced by DOING adopt 18 cyclones to separate, impurity starch. Under certain force, liquid starch with impurities goes in from the tangential direction of the cone and rotates rapidly. Due to centrifugal force, starch granules with big gravity will flow down to the bottom outlet while gluten and damaged fine powder will flow up to the overflow exit, which makes high quality starch for the next processing.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch dewatering machine

cassava starch processing

Cassava starch drying machine

5. Dewatering and drying section in cassva starch processing. Starch dewatering process uses a Vacuum Dehydrator. The process uses a rotary drum type vacuum filter. Firstly starch powder stick on the cloth by effect of vacuum pump, and then scraper discharge starch to the next stage. The power of the machine is small, with rotating speed adjusted, which can work steadily and continuously. After dewatering, water content is about 38% and then the powder will go into the air collision vortex flash dryer (DOING's national invention patent product), coming out with the moisture of 14 % ( can be packaged and put into storage).

Cassava starch is kind of white powder that extracted from cassava roots. It is  widely used in food and non-food industry. By examples of some special designed machines from DOING, this article mainly introduces several key points to high quality cassava starch processing.Welcome to my factory to visit the cassava satrch processing machine.

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