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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



New technology cassava starch processing line

Cassava is widely plant in Africa and has advantage of easy-growing and high yield.  And the economic value of cassava is very high, we can get the cassava starch, cassava flour, cassava chips and the garri from cassava.It is best choice for starch processing in Africa area. And the local government also strongly support the agriculture developing. So, this is a great choose to start one cassava processing business.

cassava processing machine

Cassava application

According to cassava starch production project we have done and our engineer's program study, Henan Doing company has made new technological innovations in the previous cassava starch production line. So cassava starch processing equipment has changed. The operation of the equipment is more convenient and the starch extraction rate is higher, which can better meet the customers' desire to reduce costs and achieve high-efficiency production.

cassava starch production process

Cassava starch production process

The cassava starch production line for the new technology is as follows. 
Fresh cassava→cleaning and washing→cutting and rasping→centrifuge sieving→fine fiber sieving→disc separator→hydrocyclone refining→peeler centrifuge dewatering→drying→sieving→packing.

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