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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Cassava starch processing mill plant

Doing Company has been committed to the design and installation of cassava processing plant, supplying all kinds of cassava processing machines, and has rich experience in R&D and manufacturing of equipment in the cassava starch processing mill  plant. The cassava starch processing mill  plant supplied by Doing Company can complete the whole process from the input of cassava raw materials to the output of finished starch, a fully automated processing technology, and can be customized according to the actual situation and special requirements of users to provide you with various configurations, large, medium and small cassava starch processing mill  plant.

cassava starch processing plantCassava starch processing mill

DOING cassava starch processing mill  plant features:

Cassava starch processing mill  plant automatically complete the whole process of cleaning, crushing, filtering, fine filtration, purification, concentration and refining, dehydration, drying and packaging of cassava starch. The production line has the following characteristics:

01 The whole process by mechanization to completes the whole production process in cassava starch processing mill  plant from cassava cleaning to finished dry starch production.

02 Equipment configuration is complete, high degree of automation

03 Equipment material is mainly made of stainless steel, guarantee starch quality

04 The finished product is powdered dry starch with good quality.

05 Cassava starch processing mill  plant with short starch processing time

06 The degree of automation is relatively high, the number of people requests small, and the labor intensity is small.

cassava processing plantCassava starch produstion process and main equipments

Cassava starch processing mill plant common equipments and its functions:

01- Multi stage cleaning: Cleaning is the key link of cassava processing, efficiency cleaning ensure the starch has a good taste, which is the basic quality of starch quality.

Commonly used cleaning equipments are: new squirrel cage cleaning machine(also named dry sieve), which effectively removes the dirt, sand and doped small stones, weeds, etc. attached to the cassava during the rotation process. Paddle washing machine, further cleaning and rinsing, improve the cleanliness of cassava cleaning, and have a peeling effect. In general, the cleaning of cassava in cassava starch processing mill should be combined by these two devices to achieve the desired results.

02- Using cutting machine and rasper to complete the comminution of cassava, get higher starch extraction rate than commonly crushing machine.

cassava starch production plantDOING centrifuge sieve

03- Adopt centrifuge sieve machine for separation of starch slurry and cassava residue. Doing Company centrifuge sieve machine equipped with automatic front and back washing system to guarantee good sieve penetration and ensure high efficiency operation of equipment

04- Fine filtration to further remove fine slag from starch slurry, get a good starch separation effect.

05- Sand removal/desilting: According to the principle of specific gravity separation, the starch emulsion is pumped into the cyclone sand remover with a pressure pump, the bottom is discharge sand, the top is discharged the slurry, then the fine sand are removed from starch slurry to further improve the starch precision.

06- Hydrocyclone station: The starch slurry is further concentrated and refined to remove non-starch components such as protein, fat to improve the quality of the starch.

cassava processing factoryRasper machine

07- Starch Dehydration: The refined and concentrated cassava starch slurry is dewatered by a peeler centrifuge to achieve the moisture content (less than 40%) required for drying, after dewatering by the centrifuge, the moisture content of the cassava starch can reach 36.5%, it can save power consumption for starch drying in cassava starch processing mill.

08- Drying, dry with low temperature and high air volume. The wet starch enters the drying pipe from the powder feeding machine, and the fresh air is heated by the radiator to be mixed with the wet starch sent to the drying pipe by the powdering machine, and the dried finished cassava starch is obtained by heating exchanger.

Then after drying, send dry cassava starch to the sieving machine, then can be packaged as goods for sale.

Doing Machinery supplied cassava starch processing mill plant production scale: Nissan starch 12 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons, etc. Doying group can provide you with detailed equipment configuration, labor, electricity consumption, water consumption, etc, and cassava starch processing mill plant requests floor space.

cassava starch processing millDOING factory workshop

Suggest you concern:

/ Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of cassava and the removal of sand from subsequent processes to ensure that the starch has no impurities, which is the basic quality of starch quality.

/ Pay attention to crush and filtration to ensure high starch extraction rate, which is the basis for ensuring economic benefits.

/ You need to know that the high degree of automation with short-term completion of the entire process can avoid starch oxidative browning

/ The operation of the equipment from Doing Company offered cassava starch processing mill plant is stable overall, and the various sections are closely coordinated.

/ Ensure the continuity of the process is appropriate to avoid starch gelatinization and affect quality

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