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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Cassava starch production equipment

Cassava Starch is produced from fresh cassava roots by wet-milling method. The whole cassava starch production equipment is comprised of six major sections: washing & cleaning section, cutting and crushing section, separating section, concentrating and refining section, dehydrating section and drying section.

1. Washing and cleaning equipment

The firstly used cassava starch production equipment is the cleaning machine-dry sieve. It is mainly used for removing sand, small stones, dirt and other attached impurities from cassava. The dry sieve is designed with reasonable rotating speed which ensures a stable running and reduce the damage to material. After cleaning, the cassava will be washed in the paddle washing machine. The paddle washing machine adopts the countercurrent washing principle. In this way, the cassava in the washing tank flows in the reverse direction against the water, thus the cassava is washed thoroughly.

cassava cleaning machine

Cassava starch cleaning equipment

2.Cutting and crushing equipment

When the cassava is completely cleaned and washed, it is transported into the cutting equipment. By cutting the cassava into small pieces, it not only make the crushing of cassava easier but also improve the extraction rate of starch. And the crushing machine is also an important equipment which effects the starch extraction rate. The widely used crushing equipment is rasper which is a high efficient cassava starch production equipment. It crushs the cassava into slurry and transfers the bound starch into free starch. The rasper of DOING introduces the Sweden SKF and Germany Optibelt which offers longer service life.

cassava starch production equipment

Cassava starch production equipment

3.Separating equipment

The next cassava starch production equipment is centrifuge sieve which is mainly used for the separating of fiber and starch slurry. The contact material part of the centrifuge sieve is made of stainless steel which guarantee a clean processing environment. The Doing Company sieve mesh is made of titanium plate which can be made finer to achieve a better separating effect. To further separating the small fiber and starch slurry, the fine fiber sieve machine is needed. This is a low speed centrifugal equipment whose contact material part is also made of stainless steel. These two equipment are both adopt automatic front and back washing system to ensure good screen penetration.

starch hydrocyclone

Cassava starch production equipment-Hydrocyclone station

4.Concentrating and refining equipment:

After separating, the starch slurry still need to be concentrated and refined. In this section, the mainly used equipment is hydrocyclone station. The main function of hydrocyclone is to remove the fine fiber, protein and cell sap out of starch slurry to make the final starch meet the standard. The hydrocyclone station is composed of several units(the unit number depends on customer's needs) connected in series. The hydrocyclone pipe of DOING is made from material of strengthened nylon, this cassava starch production equipment function is starch slurry washing and refining.

5.Dehydrating equipment:

Then the starch slurry is dewatered by the vacuum filter. The vacuum filter is extensively used in the starch, medical, food, chemical engineering and other industries for the separation of solid-liquid. The part which contact material is made of stainless steel which can prevent the material from polluted. The rotating drum speed can frequency control so that it starch dewatering effect is good and the water content of wet starch is stable. This centriguge sieve can realize automatic discharging which greatly reduce the labor intensity. Thos vacuum filter is one of main cassava starch production equipment used for starch dewatering.

cassava starch dryer

Cassava starch drying equipment

6.Drying equipment:

The final cassava starch production equipment is the flash dryer. When hot air enters the dryer, it strikes the material quickly and mixes with the material, then the wet starch is suspended in the air by the rapid flow of hot air and be dried in an instant. DOING flash dryer has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time.

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