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Cleaning process in tapioca starch manufacturing

In the procedures of tapioca starch manufacturing, cleaning process is the first and important part. It can be also called as pre-treatment of raw material (tapioca). Usually in the process of cleaning, dry sieve and paddle washer are used accordingly.

tapioca starch manufacturing machine

Dry sieve machine for starch manufacturing

The main features of dry sieve machine during the tapioca starch manufacturing

  • Widely used in impurities pre-removal for tapioca starch manufacturing. It's used to remove dirt, sand, small stones, weeds and other impurities that are attached on the surface of potato/sweet potato/cassava.
  • Inner spiral is adopted to push raw materials moving forward.
  • Low rotating speed guarantee machine run smoothly and makes materials free of damage.
  • The capacity could be adjusted based on impurities amount attaching on materials.
  • Simple structure, easy maintenance and low power consumption. 

The main technical parameters of dry sieve machine Henan Doing Company provide

Model Capacity Material Cage diameter Speed Roller length Power Dimension Weight
(t/h) (mm) (r/min) (mm) (kw) (m) (kg)
DY100 15-20 Carbon Steel Ø1000 18 3500-5500 7.5 L*2.2*1.5 2800
DY120 20-30 Carbon Steel Ø1400 12 5000-7000 11 L*2.35*1.78 3500

tapioca starch manufacturing machine

Paddle washer for tapioca starch manufacturing

The main features of paddle washer in tapioca starch manufacturing

Mainly used in tapioca starch manufacturing, cassava flour to wash the raw material.
Adopt countercurrent washing principle. By the effect of paddle pushing, raw material flows in the converse direction against water current, which makes washing completely and eliminate sand and mud at most.
Reasonable feeding method ensure the proper distribution of workshop.
Stable operation and low material damage rate is profitable for the extraction of starch.
Easy-handling, large capacity, energy-saving and low water consumption.

The main technical parameters of paddle washer machine Henan Doing Company provide

Model DYJ100-1 DYJ100-2 DYJ100-3
Capacity (t/h) 12-15 18-20 15-25
Material Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
Diameter of paddle (mm) Ø1000 Ø1200 Ø1200
Speed of rotor (r/min) 21 18 18
Working length (mm) 5500 5500 5500
Power (kw) 5.5 7.5*2 7.5*3
Dimension (mm) 7050*1200*2000 7050*2300*2000 7050*3600*2000
Weight (kg) 2050 3850 5760
tapioca starch manufacturing machine
Cleaning machine for starch processing
In the cleaning process of tapioca starch manufacturing, the dry sieve firstly remove dirt, sand, small stones, weeds and other impurities. Then raw material would be sent to paddle washer, which makes washing completely and eliminate sand and mud at most.

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