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Potato starch making machine cost analysis

Henan Doing Company is the potato starch machinery supplier, we can provide you potato starch making machine, its main function is to extract starch from potato. After the various of extracting processing steps, we can get the final refined starch from the fresh potatoes.

The potato starch processing step is as below: fresh potato --  potato cleaning and wshing section -- potato crushing section -- potato starch extraction section -- potato starch desanding section -- potato starch refining section -- potato starch dewatering section -- potato starch dring and packing section.

potato starch making machine

Potato starch making machine

As regard the cost of potato starch making machine, take the 20 t/h potato starch production line as example, the below is the 20 t/h potato starch making machine cost analysis.

20 T/H potato starch making machine cost analysis Remark
  Cost per ton

The cost per ton of starch

10 h/d  30 tons potato starch
Raw material(potato) USD 113 USD 680 6 tons potatoes procuce 1 ton starch
Water fee  


1 ton of water per ton of potatoes

Electricity fee 100 kw  

Whole pline power is 500 kw. 1 ton starch nee 160kw/h 

Labor fee 12 person per unit USD 10

USD 21 Per person per day 

Each ton starch cost USD 10

Machine depreciation fee   USD 17  
Total   USD 740 Per ton starch total cost 
Starch price   USD 970 Current potato starch price in China
Profit   USD 230 The profit of per ton starch

potato starch making machine

Potato starch making machine

From the above form, we can get that starting one potato starch processing plant factory will have a very good profit. If you want to start your potato starch processing business, welcome to contact us directly. Henan Doing Company can provide you the high quality potato starch making machine according to your demand.

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