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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Tapioca starch manufacturing process

Tapioca starch is closely related to the selection and purchase of raw materials. The tapioca of less than 10 months has a low powdered rate, and the older tapioca of more than 24 months has been qualitatively transformed, causing greater difficulties in crushing, and increasing the cost of reducing the rate of tapioca and affect economic efficiency. So good tapioca is key part to gurantee good quality tapioca starch. Then another key part is high-efficiency machines of tapioca starch manufacturing process. The following part will explain tapioca starch manufacturing process detailedly.

tapioca starch manufacturing plant

Doing Company tapioca starch manufacturing plant project in Nigeria

Section 1: Tapioca cleaning and washing of tapioca starch manufacturing process

Tapioca dry sieve and paddle washing machine (click to see the video) will be used in the section. The purpose of cleaning is to remove sand, soil, peel, reduce starch ash, also facilitate the next process. Cleaning at the same time while conveying, so tapioca feed must be uniform. If too many tapioca are in the paddle washing machine, there is no space, cassava can not roll, which can not achieve the purpose of peeling and cleaning. Too little is not up to production.

tapioca cleaning machine

Tapioca cleaning

Section 2: Tapioca cutting of tapioca starch manufacturing process

Tapioca cutting machine will be used in this part. The tapioca is too long. If tapioca can not be cutting into pieces, then the next tapioca raser will bear heavy load, the life of raser will be shorten. For another, the machine can contribute to the high etraction rate of cassava satrch.

Section 3: Tapioca crushing of tapioca starch manufacturing process

After tapioca cutting, then tapioca will be crushed by cassava rasper. In the section, rasper can crush tapioca with high efficiency. And tapioca rasper has modern design, compact strcuture, high speed, high rasping coefficiency and high extraction rate. It is one of achievements of Doing company combined with advanced foreign technology.



Section 4: Tapioca slurry separation of tapioca starch manufacturing process

In the part, tapioca centriuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, disc separator and hydrocyclone will be used. First, tapioca centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve will separate some fiber, impurities and other things. Next, disc separator will be used for removing protein and cell liqiud out of tapioca slurry. The machine can also concentrate and purify tapioca slurry. finally, Hydrocyclone station is used to remove fiber, protein and cell sap out tapioca milk. The system of the machine contains concentrating, recovering and washing. At this time, tapioca slurry will be more pure.

Section 5: Tapioca slurry dewatering of tapioca starch manufacturing process

Peeler centrifuge will be used in this section. The machine is an automatic machine which can increase production capacity by 50% and decrease moisture content to 36.5%.

tapioca starch drying machine

Tapioca starch air drying

Section 6: Tapioca starch drying of tapioca starch manufacturing process

The air-flow flash dryer uses coal as fuel, and hot air flows into the heat exchanger to make the clean air from the other end into the heat exchanger into dry hot air. The dry air is fed into the drying tower and mixed with wet starch with moisture content less than 40%, and the moisture is vaporized in a period of 2-3 seconds. And the tapioca starch discharge through a separator. The drying tower adopts positive and negative pressure two-stage drying, the wet air is discharged from the first stage, and the second stage exhausts the air with higher temperature, which is reused into the feed tube. Compared with single stage drying, the energy can be saved 20-40%.

All in all, the tapioca starch manufacturing process includes tapioca cleaning and washing, tapioca cutting, tapioca crushing, tapioca slurry separation, tapioca slurry dewatering, tapioca starch drying. In the process, tapioca processing made by Doing all have have good quality and high efficiency.

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