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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Cassava flour processing

Cassava is  grown primarily for its starchy roots and is a staple  food crop in many tropical countries.Cassava not  only contributes  to  the  food  security status of rural populations but is also a raw material for  agroindustries. The  cassava  processing  industry suffers  from  a  wide  range  of  problems:  low  product  quality, inadequate processing  technology, raw material  availability  and  fluctuating  prices. As cassava becomes more  important as industrial crop, the logistic of supplying fresh cassava  roots  to  processing  plants  becomes more critical. One alternative is to transform  the  fresh cassava roots  into precooked cassava  flour,  which  can  then  be  used  as  a  raw material  for making high added-value  products  like cassava dough, croquette, fried chips or snacks.

Here we mainly introduce the cassava flour processing.

List of cassava flour processing equipment for a cassava flour factory producing 20 tons per day

Cassava flour processing  -- Step 1. Cleaning of fresh cassava roots

2 belt conveyors with suitable gear motors and supports for transporting the roots

1 rotating root washer with gear motor

1 root breaker with motor for chopping washed roots

1 bucket conveyor with gear motor

1 pre-grater with motor

1 pump with stainless steel rotor and motor

Cassava flour processing-- Step 2. Crushing

1 knife crusher

1 hammer crusher to  make cassava roots fully crushed

1 pin mill to ensure the best quality of the cassava flour

Cassava flour processing-- Step 3. Extraction of cassava flour

3pc round sieve to separed the residue of the flour

Cassava flour processing-- Step 4. Dewatering and drying of cassava flour

3 triple leg dewtering machines

1pc airflow drying machine-which is our national patent products

Cassava flour drying machine

Cassava flour drying machine

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