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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Cassava flour processing equipment

Cassava flour is made from cassava roots that have been washed, crushed, then dried. It is commonly used as ingredient of many kind of foods. In order to produce high quality cassava flour, cassava that used must be good and mature enough. Cassava that harvested after 6 months of cultivation still has very high water content so that the flour substance contained is just a little. While cassava haevesting after 12 month is too old to process. Therefore, the best choice for cassava flour processing is the cassava that within 6 month to 12 month.

cassava flour processing equipmentCassava

High quality cassava flour (HQCF) is simple unfermented cassava flour. With morden cassava flour processing equipment, the cassava flour production process is simplified and the capital investment requirements for cassava flour production is minimized. This technique is suitable for preparing cassava flour from both sweet and bitter varieties.

The complete set of cassava flour processing equipment used for cassava flour processing are as follows:

Equipment name Quantity Remark
Belt conveyor 3 Sets Carbon steel with motor
Dry sieve 1 Set Carbon steel with motor
Paddle Washing Machine 1 Set Carbon steel with motor
Cassava peeling machine 1 Set Out stainless steel with motor
Cassava crusher 1 Set Out stainless steel with motor
Transfer pump 1 Set Inner Stainless steel with motor
Desander 1 Set Stainless steel with motor
Transfer Tank 1 Set Stainless steel with Mixer
Plate-and-frame filter press 2 Sets  
Screw conveyer 1 Set Stainless steel
Hammer-type crusher 1 Set Stainless steel
Flash dryer 1 Group Stainless steel with Sifting machine
Distribution box 6 Sets Plastic steel
Screw elevator   Inner Stainless steel
Coarse powder tank    
Dry powder vibration sieve 1 Set Stainless steel with motor

cassava flour processing equipmentCassava flour processing equipment

The function of cassava flour processing equipment is process of cassava into flour by physical methods. Firstly, cassava is conveyed to dry sieve by belt coneyor for removing of large debris of cassava that attached on cassava. Then another belt conveyor is used to futher transport cleaned cassava into washing machine to wash away dirt, soil and other small particles of impurities. The both cassava flour processing equipment run at low speed to reduce cassava damage rate.

Then washed cassava is transported into a cassava peeler for peel off the toxic gray skin of cassava, then use a crusher to crush cassava into slurry. Of course, some plants adopts another cassava flour processing equipment for cassava flour crushing, which no peeling machine is required. This is high efficient cassava grating machine - rasper. With high efficient and high cassava crushing rate, it can remove the toxicity of cassava with water as medium by crushing.

cassava flour processing equipmentPate frame filter press

The crushed cassava slurry is need to remove sand content by desander cyclone to improve cassava flour taste. Through simple in function, this cassava flour processing equipment is necessary for produce high quality cassava flour.

After that, cassava slurry need to be dewatered by a plate frame filter press, by which machine the water content is dewatered from 60% to about 40%. And finally the wet cassava flour is dried by airflow flash dryer to 14%, which meets the standards for market.

Above all are the complete set of cassava flour processing equipment introduction. DOING are experts in manufacturing cassava flour processing equipment, leave us a message about your request for equipment, we are available at any time.

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