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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



High-quality cassava flour making

To establish a small-scale enterprise to make high-quality cassava flour, you require:

• space for processing the cassava
• a store
• a facility for safe disposal of waste materials
• cassava roots
• processing equipment 
• trained machine operators along with casual workers for peeling, washing, grating, pressing, drying, milling, sifting and packing.

cassava flour production machine

The procedures of high-quality cassava flour making:

Step 1: Selecting roots
Harvest or buy healthy, mature, firm, freshly harvested cassava roots. These should have no bruises. The flesh of the roots should be white with no cracking and few fibrous roots.
Step 2: Peeling
Peel the roots and remove the stalk, woody tips and any fibrous roots using a sharp knife. Failure to peel properly will result in off-colour in the final product. Cassava peel (after drying) can be used  for animal feed or composting, so do not waste it! 
cassava flour processing machine
High quality cassava peeling machine
Step 3: Washing
Wash peeled cassava roots with clean water to remove any dirt, including sand, soil, leaves or other impurities.
Step 4: Grating
Use a simple perforated iron sheet or mechanical grater to grate cassava roots into a fine mash.
cassava flour making machine
Lager scale cassava flour crushing machine
Step 5: Pressing
Pack the grated cassava mash into a clean bag, such as a jute or sisal sack that will allow extra water to escape. Press the sack using a screw press or hydraulic jack to remove excess water until the cassava is crumbly.
Step 6: Drying
Spread the pressed cassava mash thinly on a clean black plastic sheet placed on a gentle slope in full sun. Ideally this should be raised off the floor. Dry mash until it is very floury. Cover with netting to keep off flies and birds.
cassava flour processing machine

 High-quality cassava flour making machine

Step 7: Milling during the high-quality cassava flour making

Mill the dried cassava mash to produce flour. Milling can be done using a hammer mill 
Step 8: Sifting 
Using a simple home-made sieve, sift the milled flour to remove fibrous materials and any lumps. This is important to obtain high-quality free-flowing flour, free of fibre with a good particle size.
Step 9: Packaging and storing 
Pack sifted cassava flour in airtight moisture-proof black plastic bags. Seal the bag using a burning candle (or an electrical polysealer if electricity is available) and label with date of manufacture and expiry date (after six months). Pack bags in a carton to protect them from light. Store the cartons in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place. The packaged flour will keep for about six months.
cassava flour making machine
High quality cassava flour making chart flow
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