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Cassava starch detailed specification

Date:Jul 04, 2018/ News/ Chat online

Cassava starch detailed specification as below:

Parameters Food grade Industrial grade   Method of analysis
Starch content(%) 85 85 min EC method
Moisture content(%) 14 14 max AOAC 1990
PH 5.0-7.0 5.0-7.0   PH meter
Viscosity(B.U.) 700 700 min Brabender Viscoamylograph
Ash(%) 0.25 0.25 max As per mill test definition
Sulfur dioxide(ppm) 30 30 max AOAC 1990
Whiteness(%) 90 90 min Kett-c-300
Finess(%) 99 99 min Sieve pass 100 mesh
Pulp(%) 0.25 0.25 max As per mill test definition
Toxicity&Odor Non Toxic&Non      

The above specifications are the universal standard of cassava starch made by cassava starch processing machine, if you want to produce higher quality cassava starch, we also can design and manufacturer better machine for cassava starch production. It's worth to say that our machine and technology can make the cassava starch extraction rate reach to more than 94%, produce one ton starch just cost 4 ton fresh cassava.



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