How to process cassava into cassava chips ?

cassava chips process

Cassava chips processing line

Nigeria is one of the world  main producer and so is likely to benifit  great from the cassava.The cassava chips are already dried in Nigeria and exported to other countries .It is an important  source of  foreign exchange for the country .


How to process cassava into cassava chips ?

cassava chips making machine

cassava chips process


Freshly harvested  cassava roots will be peeled first and then slicing into  cassava chips.  The cassava chips then can be dried by nature drying or by oven at low temperature.


Cassava chips process need cassava peeling machine and  cassava slicing machine , the cassava chips drying machins is optional .


Cassava peeling machine is mainly used to remove the soil,dust and brown skin of fresh cassava roots .


The cassava slicing machine will slice the cassava roots into pieces.The thickness of chips can be adjustable according to customers' requirement.

The cassava ships drying machine will dry the wet cassava chips with high efficiency . But the cost alwasy is not cheap .


Casava chips are accepted because cassava is just like feed grains which consist almost entirely of starch and easy to digest. Many feeding experiments have shown that cassava provides good quality carbohydrates which may be substituted for maize or barley


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