How to make garri from fresh cassava ?

Cassava is a tuber crop native to South America; However, Nigeria is the world's leading producer. Cassava roots can be processed into several different products, which include garri, flour and starch. Garri is a creamy-white, granular flour with a slightly fermented flavor and a slightly sour taste made from fermented, gelatinized fresh cassava tubers. Garri is widely known in Nigeria and other West African countries.

cassava garri processing machine

Cassava garri processing chart flow

How to make garri from fresh cassava? Process of making garri steps as below :

1.  Peel off the back of the cassava tubers. Try as much as possible not to peel too deep. Peeling cassava can be made by hand work or by cassava washing and peeling machine .
cassava garri processing machine

Garri processing machine -- cassava peeling machine 

2. Wash the peeled tubers. Use a lot of water because this is the only washing you are going to do. 
3. Use the cassava grating machine to grate the peeled and washed cassava into cassava mash . 
cassava garri processing machine
Small scale cassava grating machine 
4. After the grating process , the cassava mash  need to be packed in  bags and  for fermentation  2-3 days.
5. Press excess water out of cassava mash by hydraulic press machine or by traditional method for dewatering cassava mash. 
6. Using a wide sieve, sieving the wet cake into small pieces – known as grits and remove any fibrous material. 
garri processing machine
Grri making machine--garri fryer
7.Then, using a wide frying pan, fry the powder in reasonable portions until it becomes  dry and crispy product . Frying garri can be made by hand work or by machine . 
8.Pack your garri in a dry place, and start enjoying your meal.

According to local policies, the Nigerian government strongly support for cassava and garri processing factories, and the local people aware the importance of the garri processing business. Henan Doing company can provide you with different types and capacity of garri production machine.


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