How to make cassava chips by machine ?

cassava chips making

Cassava chips making machine


The cassava chips is the most common form in which dried cassava roots are marketed and most exporting countries produce them. The cassava chips are dried irregular slices of roots which vary in size but should not exceed 5 cm in length, so that they can be stored in silos.
The present method of processing chips is very simple, consisting in mechanically slicing the cassava roots and then sun drying the slices. The recovery rate of chips from roots is about 20-30 percent. However, the products are considered inferior in quality by some quality-conscious feedstuff manufacturers, although many others consider them satisfactory.
Preparation of the cassava roots in cassava chips making 
When the cassava roots are not sorted, peeled and washed, the cassava chips are usually brown in colour and have a high content of fibre sand and foreign objects as well as hydrocyanic acid. Trimming, peeling and washing the roots in a similar manner as for the processing of cassava flour are recommended in order to produce white chips of superior quality.
Slicing of the cassava roots  in cassava chips making 
The cassava roots are shredded in a special machine. The machine consists of a rotating notched cutting disk or knife blades mounted on a steel frame equipped with a hopper . The cassava roots are cut into thin slices and pieces as they pass through the machine.
Drying of cassava chips  in cassava chips making 
Sun drying is used mostly where the sliced roots are spread out on drying areas, or concrete floors of various dimensions. Experiments in Madagascar showed that the concentration of chips during drying should not exceed 10-15 kg/m2, the required drying area space being about 250 m2 for each ton per day of dried roots produced.
To produce good quality cassava  chips the cassava roots must be sliced and dried as quickly as possible after harvest. The cassava chips should be turned periodically in the drying period, usually two or three sunny days, until the moisture content reaches 13%~15% percent. The cassava chips are considered dry when they are easily broken but too hard to be crumbled by hand. The thickness of the slices also has an effect on the quality of cassava chips. Thick slices may appear dry on the surface when their internal moisture content is still high.
 In rainy regions, where continuous sun drying is difficult, some form of artificial heat drying is required.

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