The starch dryer machine shipping to Nigeria[2017-06-03]

cassava starch dryer machine,Doing National Patent cassava starch dryer machine ship to Nigeria this month.We are leading manufacturer of cassava starc...

Nigeria customer visit our company for cassava starch processing plant[2017-06-06]

One Nigeria customer visit our company for cassava starch processing plant . The Nigeria customer plan to set up the cassava starch processing plant to...

The value chain of high quality cassava flour processing[2017-05-27]

There are huge cassava in Africa. Now high quality cassava flour processing is very popular business in Africa, especially in Nigeria , Tanzania, Ghan...

Cassava flour plant with wet milling technology[2017-05-25]

Most small scale cassava flour plant for making cassava flour with traditional dry milling method. But for commercial big capacity production,the cassa...

Our manager visit our company cassava starch plant project site in Nigeria[2017-05-12]

In April, our manager go to Nigeria to check the cassava starch project completion situation to ensure that when we pass the cassava starch plant to ou...

Nigeria client come to China to check our garri fryer and casava peeling machine[2017-05-06]

Besides the garri machine, cassava peeling machine, garri fryer, Our client is also interested in cassava starch processing machine, cassava flour proc...

Nigeria customer visit our company for cassava processing machine[2017-04-28]

Our company can supply different kind cassava processing machine for making different kind product from cassava according to buyer requirement.If you w...

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