Garri production machine shipping to Nigeria[2018-02-09]

Early February,we shipped the garri production machine to Nigeria.We can provide garri production machine and cassava processing machine....

Nigeria clients visit overseas manager for garri machine[2018-02-07]

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd will have one overseas office in Nigeria, and our overseas manager have been there....

Tanzania cassava flour drying machine shipping to port[2018-02-02]

The cassava flour drying machine is the final main machine during the cassava flour processing line, Henan Doing Company can provide you high quality c...

Cassava flour processing machine shipping to Tanzania[2018-02-02]

Our factory deliver full line of cassava flour processing machine for our Tanzania customers.The cassava flour processing machine shipping to port....

Tanzanian client inspect cassava flour processing equipment before shipment[2018-01-26]

Doing company specialize in the complete cassava flour processing equipment and starch processing plant machine more than 20 years. We can design and p...

Cameroon client visiting for cassava flour processing machine[2018-04-17]

Cameroon client visit Henan Doing company for cassava flour processing machine.As the professional cassava flour processing machine supplier,our engine...

Cassava peeling machine delivered to Thailand[2017-12-30]

Peeling machine can peel the skin of cassava and potato.As the cassava peeling machine supplier, the Thailand client order on cassava peeling machine a...

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