White garri and yellow garri[2016-12-16]

Yellow garri is made the same way white garri is made but with an addition of palm oil which makes it a bit more nutritious as it contains antioxidants...

Gari processing machines shipping to Nigeria[2016-12-16]

Our company supply gari processing machines, our cassava processing machines have been exported to African market.In the end of Nov, we shipped a compl...

Cassava peeling machine shipping in Dec 2016[2016-12-10]

Cassava peeling machine is available in different technical specifications to meet the specific requirements of our clients and we provide high quality...

Development of yam peeling and slicing machine[2016-11-26]

Development of yam peeling and slicing machine.Timely processing of farm products is important to prevent post-harvest losses and ensure food quality. ...

High efficiency cassava chips making machine[2016-11-26]

The high efficiency cassava chips making machine is used to deal with fresh harvest cassava, to peel the cassavas firstly and then to chip the cassava ...

New model low cost cassava chips processing machine[2016-11-18]

For develop Africa market , our company make a new model cassava chips processing machine with low cost . The new model low cost cassava chips process...

New cassava slicer machine are ready to ship to Nigeria[2016-11-14]

The cassava slicer machine can cut fresh cassava into chips evenly. And we will recommend some compact and efficient cleaning and drying machines, whic...

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