India customer visit us about yam processing machine[2016-08-08]

Today we have our India customers visiting us about the yam processing machine.This customer will prucase the yam processing machine and plan the proje...

Starting a profitable garri processing plant[2016-07-29]

Garri produced from garri processing plant is a creamy-white or yellow granular flour with a slightly fermented flavour and sometimes sour taste. It is...

Tapioca starch in Indonesia[2016-07-29]

Tapioca starch is commonly used as a thickener for soups and other liquid foods.The tapioca starch is used to make tender breads, cakes, biscuits, coo...

Tanzania customer visit our factory for cassava flour processing plant[2016-07-23]

Cassava flour processing plant processing flow is: Cassava root -- peeling -- washing -- grating -- pressing -- Sifting -- Drying -- Milling -- pack...

Native tapioca starch food-grade specifications[2016-07-18]

Tapioca starch is a white powder derived by wet extraction from the pulped roots of tapioca tubers.The unmodified starch is called native tapioca starc...

Development of a yam peeling machine[2016-07-15]

Almost all forms of yam tuber processing required that the yam be peeled. These peeling processes face a significant problem of time consuming and inef...

The present situation of yam process in Africa[2016-07-15]

In Nigeria, though yams can be consumed by boiling, roasting and processed to yield Amala (especially in the South western part of the country), it can...

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