The two different ways to make cassava flour[2016-04-01]

druing the cassava flour process line, there are two different ways to make cassava flour,we mainly introduce them....

How is cassava prepared and eaten[2016-03-25]

Cassava peeled by peeling machine How is Cassava Prepared and Eaten? Cassava is incredibly versatile; it can be boiled, baked, steamed, grilled, fried,...

Two types of cassava[2016-03-25]

There are two varieties of cassava – sweet and bitter. Both contain Prussic acid (hydrocyanic acid), which can cause cyanide poisoning...

Kaifeng SIDA sucessfully running the garri frying machine[2016-03-25]

The modern garri processing plant will eliminate the stress and traditional garri production. It will reverse the trend of migration to the city and m...

The success of SIDA R&D cassava peeler[2016-03-25]

running machine of cassava peeler from Kaifeng sida factory....

Successful operation of tapioca starch processing machine[2016-03-25]

Tapioca Starch is tapioca ground into a fine flour. Tapioca is the ground root of the Cassava plant....

Why is cassava an important food crop for Africa?[2016-03-19]

cassava flour Cassava is highly adaptable to the African tropical climate and soils, and remains very popular for producing excellent harvests even whe...

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