Importance and benefits of cassava[2016-04-08]

All parts of the cassava plant are valuable. Cassava leaves can be used to make soup or as feed for livestock, the stems can be used for planting more ...

The two different ways to make cassava flour[2016-04-01]

druing the cassava flour process line, there are two different ways to make cassava flour,we mainly introduce them....

How is cassava prepared and eaten[2016-03-25]

Cassava peeled by peeling machine How is Cassava Prepared and Eaten? Cassava is incredibly versatile; it can be boiled, baked, steamed, grilled, fried,...

Two types of cassava[2016-03-25]

There are two varieties of cassava – sweet and bitter. Both contain Prussic acid (hydrocyanic acid), which can cause cyanide poisoning...

Kaifeng SIDA sucessfully running the garri frying machine[2016-03-25]

The modern garri processing plant will eliminate the stress and traditional garri production. It will reverse the trend of migration to the city and m...

The success of SIDA R&D cassava peeler[2016-03-25]

running machine of cassava peeler from Kaifeng sida factory....

Successful operation of tapioca starch processing machine[2016-03-25]

Tapioca Starch is tapioca ground into a fine flour. Tapioca is the ground root of the Cassava plant....

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