Cassava starch production line project start installation in Nigeria[2017-03-06]

Congratulation Nigeria customer 50 TPD advanced automatic cassava starch( tapioca starch ) production line project start installation. We are engaged i...

Garri production process in Nigeria[2017-02-10]

The production process of garri from cassava include cassava sorting , cassava peeling and washing , cassava grating , cassava mash dewatering, garri ...

The gari frying machine introduction[2017-01-22]

Our SIDA brand Gari frying machine is specially designed for the African’s market. Heating unit is with the help of LPG (liquid petroleum gas), which...

The benefits of cassava flour[2016-12-23]

Cassava flour is a type of gluten-free, wheat flour alternative that’s made by grating and drying the fibrous cassava root (yucca)....

White garri and yellow garri[2016-12-16]

Yellow garri is made the same way white garri is made but with an addition of palm oil which makes it a bit more nutritious as it contains antioxidants...

Gari processing machines shipping to Nigeria[2016-12-16]

Our company supply gari processing machines, our cassava processing machines have been exported to African market.In the end of Nov, we shipped a compl...

Cassava peeling machine shipping in Dec 2016[2016-12-10]

Cassava peeling machine is available in different technical specifications to meet the specific requirements of our clients and we provide high quality...

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