Our manager visit our company cassava starch plant project site in Nigeria[2017-05-12]

In April, our manager go to Nigeria to check the cassava starch project completion situation to ensure that when we pass the cassava starch plant to ou...

Nigeria client come to China to check our garri fryer and casava peeling machine[2017-05-06]

Besides the garri machine, cassava peeling machine, garri fryer, Our client is also interested in cassava starch processing machine, cassava flour proc...

Nigeria customer visit our company for cassava processing machine[2017-04-28]

Our company can supply different kind cassava processing machine for making different kind product from cassava according to buyer requirement.If you w...

Cassava slicing machine delivered to Nigeria in April[2017-04-25]

We have many customers visit our factory about cassava processing machine, And also, we have different kinds of cassava processing machine in stock. l...

Our engineer and boss go to Nigera check and accept the installation of our cassava processing project[2017-04-24]

The customers are very satisfied with our cassava processing machine quality, After we back to China, we will prepare the cooperation with them.For mor...

Nigeria customer visit our company for garri processing machine[2017-04-22]

The garri processing machine mainly include the cassava peeling and washing machine , cassava grating machine , hydraulic press dewater machine and gar...

2017 New cassava starch and flour processing project in Abia state,Nigeria[2017-04-14]

After one month and a half work of cassava starch and cassava flour processing plant installation, this new cassava starch processing factory will be ...

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