The South Africa cassava root starch production project running successfully[2016-08-29]

Our company sucessfully set up 4 starch production projects in Johannesburg, South Africa.Includes, potato starch, cassava root starch production etc.T...

The development of extraction of starch from cassava[2016-08-06]

With the development of society, the extraction of starch from cassava is changing. Here we totally make them into four different stages for your refer...

India customer visit us about yam processing machine[2016-08-08]

Today we have our India customers visiting us about the yam processing machine.This customer will prucase the yam processing machine and plan the proje...

Starting a profitable garri processing plant[2016-07-29]

Garri produced from garri processing plant is a creamy-white or yellow granular flour with a slightly fermented flavour and sometimes sour taste. It is...

Tapioca starch in Indonesia[2016-07-29]

Tapioca starch is commonly used as a thickener for soups and other liquid foods.The tapioca starch is used to make tender breads, cakes, biscuits, coo...

Tanzania customer visit our factory for cassava flour processing plant[2016-07-23]

Cassava flour processing plant processing flow is: Cassava root -- peeling -- washing -- grating -- pressing -- Sifting -- Drying -- Milling -- pack...

Native tapioca starch food-grade specifications[2016-07-18]

Tapioca starch is a white powder derived by wet extraction from the pulped roots of tapioca tubers.The unmodified starch is called native tapioca starc...

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