What is the main process making garri?

Made from cassava, the tubers are harvested, peeled, removing the covering, and the white pulp is grated in a garri grinding machine. Before the advent...

What is cassava starch application ?

The flour produced from the cassava plant, which on account of its low content of non carbohydrate constituents be called cassava starch, is known in w...

What we need to learn about garri production?

Garri typically comes in white or golden white colour depending on the nature of the tuber from which it is processed. The yellow garri is a derivative...

How to dry cassava starch?

Drying has been identified as the major tool for expanding processing of cassava starchr. Various options have been considered so far in the cassava pr...

How to make garri by machine ?

The garri production process is make peeled, washed and mashed cassava tubers, allowed to ferment for some days, then sifted and later fried or roasted...

What is cassava flour production process?

High quality cassava flour is a fine flour produced from wholesome freshly harvested cassava and rapidly processed roots. High quality cassava flour i...

What are essential part to build a cassava flour plant?

To build a cassava flour plant, there are many factors may affect it, here we will pay more attention to the below points:...

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