How to make cassava flour?

Cassava (sometimes we say tapioca, yam etc) is the third largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropics, after rice and maize.Cassava tuber is a major staple food in the developing world, providing a basic diet for over half a billion people. It is one of the most drought-tolerant crops, capable of growing on marginal soils.

How to make cassava flour?

cassava flour processing

Cassava flour processing machine

The newest technology of cassava flour processing is cleaning,peeling, crushing,dewatering and drying etc

The cassava flour processing machine mainly including: cassava cleaning machine,cassava washing and peeling machine,cassava flour dewatering,cassava flour air flow drying machine etc.

cassava flour processing machine

Cassava flour processing machine

The decription of cassava flour processing machine:

(1) Cassava washing and peeling : The water will wash the cassava during the process of conveying and then peeling.

(2) Crushing: The crushing unit is the most important step.The machine will mill the cassava fully.

(3) Presser dewatering: Press the cassava flour slurry and use the sieve to seperate the fiber

(4) Air-stream drying: After dewatering process,the air dryer will dry the cassava flour to the required moisture.

(5) Packaging


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