Garri frying machine

Cassava machinery

The description of garri frying machine:

There are plenty cassava in many Africa countries. The people will produce the garri from casasva and eat as food. Compared to the old way to produce the garri, the modern cassava grri frying machine have many advantages.

The material of the garri frying machine is stainless steel,it has the electric type and gas type,compare with the traditional garri frying machine.

garri frying machine

Garri fryer | garri processing machine

The advantage of garri fryer is as below :

1.The heat is even and will do not pollute the garri during frying;

2.It can save the labor during garri frying;

3.It can save the energy during frying,expecially the gas type;

garri frying machine

Garri frying machine

As the professional cassava processing machine manufacturer in China, besides the garri frying machine, Henan Doing Company also can provide you the whole cassava garri production line turnkey project and the perfect overseas service.

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