Air steam dryer machine

Cassava machinery

cassava starch processing plant in nigeria

Air steam dryer machine in Nigeria

Advantages of air steam dryer machine (starch dryer machine)

All the parts of  air steam dryer machine is made of stainless steel material. The air steam dryer machine with drying high strength, large capacity, fast drying, the product does not affect the color .

The air steam dryer machine with dedicated cyclone separator,  high separation efficiency, long life,  with national health standards; internal easy cleaning, ease of maintenance repairs.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch processing project in Nigeria

The air steam dryer machine with low steam consumption, assigned full set of temperature sensors, keep abreast of equipment operation.

The air steam dryer machine with optional intelligent control system, including temperature, moisture monitoring, automatic valve, will keep monitoring the quality of products according to client requirements.

cassava starch processing plant

Air steam dryer machine

Application of air steam dryer machine(starch dryer machine):

1. Cassva starch processing line

2. Cassava flour production line

3. Wheat flour processing plant

Beside the air steam dryer machine, we also can provide you the whole cassava starch production line machine. Of course, we can provide you the cassava satrch processing technical support and perfect overseas after-service.

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