Cassava starch centrifuge sieve

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Cassava starch centrifuge sieve

Cassava starch centrifuge sieve


Cassava starch centrifugal sieve is to separate the fine fiber (pulp) from the starch slurry which is widely used in big and middle-sized casssava starch factories for the extraction of cassava starch.
The cassava starch centrifugal sieve equipment is made of high grade stainless steel with a special treatment on the surface which makes it oil resistant and dirt proof. The rotating basket which is calibrated by the dynamic balance precision of the authoritative organization ensures a stable operation. The surface of the sieve is refined by a special panel, beautiful and durable. With a big processing capacity, appropriate power allocation, easy installation, the equipment is a perfect combination of Sino-Food Machinery and international advanced technology.
      ◆  Completely closed combination structure, no intermediate tanks needed;
      ◆  Motor of lower placement for better stability;
      ◆  Applying stainless steel compound wedge wire plate for higher efficiency.
      ◆  No dead corner, resulting in no bacteria and conforming to food hygienic requirements;
      ◆  Using high-pressure backwash back and front sieve surface designed to reduce the pectin to avoid adhesion and blocking network, to provide a long period of operation without removal of the basket;
      ◆  Special designed de-foaming pump enable the stable performance;
      ◆  All stainless steel execution;


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