What are the health benefits of cassava ?


cassava processing

Cassava roots before processing

Cassava (yuca) is a starchy tuberous root of tropical perennial trees and used as food in tropical countries. The cassava plant is native to South America. The cassava crop was grown as alternative to rice, potato or corn (maize) in olden days. Nigeria in Africa is top production country of cassava in the world and Thailand is top producer of cassava in Asia. Cassava is an excellent commercial crop from which, food items, glucose, solvents, alcohol, animal feed, fertilizers, energy and others are produced. The cassava also have many health benefits for people. 

What are the health benefits of cassava ? 

Cassava health benefits includeds :

Cassava helps in weight management.

Cassava is good for digestive system and may increase the apatite.

Cassava prevents cancer cells growth.
Cassava helps in treating diarrhea.
Cassava is good for eye health.
Cassava cures fever and headaches.
Cassava may treat rheumatic diseases.
Cassava heals wounds quickly.
Cassava helps in clearing up worms.
Cassava boosts immune power.
Cassava is good for brain and nerve health.
Cassava helps in lowering blood pressure.
Cassava is good for skin and hair health.

The cassava has so many health benifits for people , but the fresh cassava roots can not storage more than 3 days after harvest . So the fresh cassava roots must be process into  cassava product after harvest . 

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