How to make manioc starch ?

Manioc starch (also called cassava starch)  is powdery, flour-like ingredient comes from the cassava (also known as cassava, yucca or mandioca). Manioc starch is crucial ingredients to making the bread. (Don't confuse it with manioc flour, a more coarsely ground version.) Manioc starch can also be used as a thickening agent in gravies or sauces, a gluten-free replacement in baked goods.

manioc starch making machine

Manioc starch making machine

How to make manioc starch from cassava ? 

The high quality manioc starch making process is mainly include seven  production process as below :

1.  Cassava cleaning and washing process

2 . Cassava wet milling process

3.  Manioc starch extraction process

4.  De-sanding process

5.  Concentration and refining process

6.  De-watering process

7.  Manioc starch drying and sieving process

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