Cassava harvest plant

Cassava machinery

Manual cassava harvesting with the hoe and machete is slow and laborious.In hard soils manual-harvesting capacity of man is approximately 500 - 1000 kg per day. If cassava is demanded on large scale for industrial processing and for export of chips, manual harvesting will be very expensive.

The first few batches of cassava harvest plant embedded depth is not deep enough or too deep, the rate of pick up is not efficient and not efficient cassava into the soil of time differences, and for different levels of the above limitations, this paper through simulation analysis and trajectory analysis of cassava harvester to identify the performance of the structural parameters of the above. Using ADAMS software, kinematics simulation of the prototype test and optimize the main technical parameters of the next generation prototype, the results show that the virtual test and practical test, the basic trend of convergence, the relative error of 9.7% ~ 16.8%, the simulation analysis of the Cassava harvest plant of structural design and optimization of the basic compliance testing requirements.

cassava harvest plant

cassava harvest plant

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