Production of cassava chips

Cassava machinery

cassava chips production

Cassava chips production

Unlike Cassava starch, flour and pellets, production of cassava chips is the least capital intensive with minimum investments and good return on assets employed. Cassava Chips are non fermented cylindrically shaped products of about 3-5mm in diameter obtained from freshly harvested Cassava roots.

Casava chips are accepted because cassava is just like feed grains which consist almost entirely of starch and easy to digest. Cassava chips can be used as the feed for animals. Cassava chips are also widely used for the production of ethanol which is gaining much currency as bio-fuel because of its safer and more ecological friendly qualities.

Cassava chips production machine :

cassava peeling machine

Cassava peeling machine

Casava peeling machine:The casava peeling machine mainly used for casava peeling, washing etc, remove the sand and peels of cassava.

Cassava conveying machine: The cassava conveying machine mainly  convey the cassava tubers after peeling

cassava chips machine

Cassava chips machine

Cassava chips production machine :The cassava chips machine mainly used for production of cassava chips, the thickness can be adjusted by the requirement.

cassava chips procuction

Cassava chips production machine

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