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How to extract cassava starch ?

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How to extract cassava starch in high quality and huge yield? Normally fresh harvested cassava tubers are good for starch extraction. Because cassava roots begin to deteriorate within 48 hours of harvest. As regards variety of cassava, bitter cassava tubers have higher content of starch, of which it is suitable for starch extraction.

Cassava starch extraction is kind of physical separation process, which is the process of separating starch from fiber, protein, ash and other contents in cassava roots. During production of starch, starch gravity is big and insoluble, and therefore we can  use water and special equipment to get starch from starch suspension liquid. How to extract cassava starch can be divided into raw material transportation, cleaning, crushing, fiber separation, de-sanding, starch refining and concentration, dewatering, drying and packaging.

how to extract cassava starchHow to extract cassava starch

As regards whole process of how to extract cassava starch, please find bellow:

(1) Raw material preparation.

Raw materials are the material basis for how to extract cassava starch. The quality of raw materials is directly related to the quality of end products. After fresh cassava is harvested, it should be promptly out of the soil, roots, beard and wood parts, stacked in a clean ground, avoid mixing with iron, nails, stone, wood. It requires the same day for harvest, delivery and processing, in order to ensure the freshness of raw materials, thereby improving the extraction rate of starch and product quality.

(2) Raw material transportation and cleaning.

Raw material transportation should ensure the normal supply for process, and pick out foreign matters at the same time. After that, here comes to the cleaning part of how to extract cassava starch. In this process, we adopt rotary dry sieve and paddle washing machine. Dry sieve is pre-cleaning equipment, which is to remove sand, metals and other impurities attached on surface of roots. After dry cleaning, we use paddle washing machine for deeply cleaning with water, and about 80% peels would be removed at the same time.

how to extract cassava starchCassava washing & crushing process

(3) Crushing process.

Crushing process is the key part in how to extract cassava starch. The function of fragmentation is to destroy the cassava tissue structure, so that the small starch particles from the cassava root can be disintegrated and separated. Here we apply rasper machine, which has high breaking rate and make sure high starch yield at end.

(4) Fiber separation and de-sanding process.

In this processing section of how to extract cassava starch, centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve and de-sander equipment are applied. Centrifugal sieve is used to separate bigger fiber and other foreign pieces that exit in starch slurry. Then fine fiber sieve is applied to remove small tiny fibers that goes through centrifuge sieving machine. After all above is finished, de-sander machine is furnished to eliminate sand.

how to extract cassava starchCassava starch processing machine

(5) Starch refining and concentration.

After material come out from de-sander machine, we get clean and good quality starch slurry. But there still exits protein and cell sap. Hydrocylone station will be introduced here to refine starch slurry for how to extract cassava starch. After that, starch slurry will be concentrated, which makes preparation for starch dewatering.

(6) Dewatering and drying.

After we get required starch slurry, here goes to dewatering and drying process. This is the final section of how to extract cassava starch. In dewatering process, we use peeler centrifuge machine and starch out from the machine will have 38-40% moisture content. After starch is dewatered, flash dryer will be used to dry starch cake and get required dry starch powder.

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