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How to process cassava into cassava chips ?

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The market for cassava chips has grown with the needs of factories such as ethanol plants at home and abroad, which is a manifestation of customer demand. To process cassava into cassava chips has two ways. One is manual work, another is mechanical processing. With the high efficiency of mechanized processing, the choice of cassava chips machine is popular to process cassava into cassava chips.

how to process cassava into cassava chipsCassava chips machine

Traditional methods to process cassava into cassava chips usually starts with manual peeling cassava, this requires a lot of labors. The advantages of manual peeling is more through than mechanical peeling but meanwhile the waste is more. Then peeled cassava need to be cut into chips of various thickness according to customer demands. This process is basically done by cassava chips machine, for the thickness can be ensured and the chips are more even.Then the cassava chips need to be dried, traditional methods to process cassava into cassava chips usually adopts sun drying, which normally is limited by weather condition. The time of manual sun drying ranges from 3 days to a week, depending on the season and temperature of the season.

Here are the manual peeling, equipment production cassava chips and natural drying method

how to process cassava into cassava chipsManual cassava chips processing

When using the machine to process cassava into cassava chips, the quality of the finished product is more stable, and the distance of the blade can be adjusted according to your needs for the thickness of cassava chips, so as to achieve different finished product indicators. Similar as manual processing, the processing of cassava chips is generally accompanied by peeling and drying. Firstly, raw cassava is peeled by cassava peeling machine, then the peeled cassava is chopped into cassava chips by cassava chipping machine. After that, the cassava chips contain too much moisture content need to be dried. Modern plant to process cassava into cassava chips prefer to use professional cassava chips drying machine to dry cassava chips.

The cassava chips machine produced by Doing Company is the whole production line, which from cassava peeling to chipping and to drying, but if you only need a single machine, you can also choose some of them. Most consumers will just buy a cassava chips machine, and manually peeling cassava then let the sun dry cassava chips. Referring to the drying process, the cost of dryer is relatively high, but the efficiency of drying machine is higher and the finished product after drying is more uniform when the budget allows.

how to process cassava into cassava chipsMechanized production of cassava chips

After more than 10 years of development, Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd has continuously improved its production technology and achieved low-cost mass production. It has been well received by the general public for many years and has a good reputation. Our equipment to process cassava into cassava chips is based on high-yield, low-energy, low-cost design concept, based on client satisfaction as the fundamental starting point, eliminating the cumbersome and complicated appearance, providing you with a truly practical and affordable choice. Each batch of products has been rigorously tested before being sent to customers. Now our factory is facing the whole country and neighboring countries with more favorable prices, better quality and better after-sales service. And we are currently setting up our own warehouse in Nigeria. Later customers can go to the warehouse to visit and purchase, which also saves transportation time. Our establishment in Nigeria has been for several years, which also gives customers a strong guarantee. When customers have questions about our machine, our professional engineer can offer the on-site guidance service.

how to process cassava into cassava chipsDOING cassava chips machine

The customer exported cassava chips from Nigeria to China by finding domestic sales, and the container costs were low because of the support of Chinese policies – tax rebates and container fee. To process cassava into cassava chips, customers who want to produce cassava chips buy a large number of cassava chips machines to achieve a larger supply. That's because the best way to process cassava into cassava chips will be the mechanized production rather than the manual operation. Please contact Doing Group if you have any issues for how to process cassava into cassava chips or our cassava chips machine.

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