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In garri production factory, the last but important process is frying process. After fermentation, cassava mash is dewatered and then we can get wet cassava cakes, then it is broken into pieces and put into pot for frying. Garri frying machine is the machine that used for garri drying.

Compared to traditional frying pot, DOING garri frying machine can save a lot of labor works. During running of equipment, people don't need to stand by to stir fry garri to avoid paste of materials. Besides it has advantages of high working efficiency, uniform frying of materials and easy operating. What's more, our garri frying machine is made of full stainless steel, which can ensure materials are clean and hygienic and easy to clean after frying.

garri frying machineGarri frying machine

Main structure:

Our garri frying machine is mainly consists of several parts: frying pot, framework, vertical support legs, stirring device, heat source system, turnover system for pot, motor and and control box.

Technical parameters:

Model Diameter(mm) Depth(mm) Stirring power(kw) Capacity(kg/h)
DYC-300 1000 390 1.5 40
DYC-400 1000 420 1.5 60
DYC-500 1000 450 1.5 100
DYC-600 1000 450 3 150

garri frying machineGarri frying

Working principle: There are two ways to supply heat source for garri frying machine, one is electric heating and the other is diesel burning heating. The heat transfer medium between the material and the heat source is heat conduction oil that allows the material to be uniformly heated. During the frying process, the stirring device is opened to uniformly fry the material and break wet cassava cakes as well. After frying is finished, turn the handle on the right side to tilt the pot and complete quick unloading of garri. Besides, there is one control box installed in each garri frying machine for workers' easier control running of equipment.

garri frying machineGarri frying process

Equipment main features:

1. The equipment is a kind of tiltable fryer, which is designed for fast unloading and easy cleaning.

2. Heat conduction oil is applied to fry garri uniformly. Cycle oil circuit design makes temperature heating up quickly and save energy.

3. The scraping bottom mixing system reduces the workload, avoids the material sticking to the pot, and makes materials being fried evenly.

4. Electric control system is adopted, which reduces labor work and improves production efficiency.

5. All material contact part is made of high quality stainless steel 304, which is easy to clean and meets food hygiene requirements.

garri frying machineGarri fryer in DOING plant

For small scale garr processing workshop, clients chose to buy one or more separated single garri frying machine to achieve capacity that is required. But in big manufacturing factory, clients would ask for a complete connected garri frying line to achieve bigger capacity. In the frying line, fryers would be connected together by pipes, in which heat conduction oil is circulated as temperature medium to supply heat source. Therefore the whole frying line is heated by one heat conducting oil furnace. Normally fuel for the furnace is diesel, which can save a lot of electricity power.

Recently garri frying machine is hot sale in western Africa, whether you are some wholesaler or owner of garri production factory, you can always find garri frying machine machine that is suitable for your own use. Feel free to contact us at any time for more details.

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