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How profitable is garri processing business in nigeria ?

Date:Apr 11, 2019/ News/ Chat online

Garri is a granular food made from cassava processing, mainly dividing into white garri and yellow garri. Yellow garri is a garri processed with palm oil. Garri is the most common staple food in Nigeria, and Nigerians eat garri almost every day. Because it is not only low in price, has sufficient supply throughout the country, but also its processing method is simple and it is convenient to eat. Engaged in the garri processing business in Nigeria has broad market just to meet domestic demand, so it is very profitable to engage in garri processing business in Nigeria. So how profitable is garri processing business in Nigeria?

how profitable is garri processing business in nigeriaGarri

Garri processing technology is very simple, with little investment but impressive profit. Take 3 ton of garri as an example, we can know how profitable is garri processing business in Nigeria

3 ton Garri Processing Cost
Name Quantity Unit price Total
Cassava 9 ton $68.5 $616.5
Electric cost 90kw $0.08 per kw $7.2
Water cost 120ton $0.08 per ton $9.6
Coal consumption 0.45ton $112 per ton $50.4
Manpower 30 $3 per people/day $90
Others $30
Total $803.7
Net $267.9
Sale price $553 / 1 ton
Net profit $285.1 / 1ton

Note: above data just for reference, the cost is subject to local conditions.

how profitable is garri processing business in nigeriaCassava & garri

In Nigeria and throughout Africa, there are only a few products that are as demanding as garri. The high demand for garri makes the production and sales of this product profitable. Moreover, garri is not only polular in Nigeria, but in West Africa and most African countries, almost every people eat garri. This is why more and more people are engaged in the garri processing business in Nigeria. Therefore, the question of how profitable is garri processing business in Nigeria is obvious, that is, garri processing business will be hugely profitable. It is reported that the demand for garri  in Nigeria is not only stable but also growing. Especially in recent years, the population growth of Nigeria has driven the increase of garri's demand to meet the growing food demand.

Although we know how profitable is garri processing business in Nigeria, there are many concerns about the sales of garri due to the increase in the number of people engaged in the garri processing business. With an annual production of more than 41 million metric tons of cassava, Nigeria is the largest cassava producer in Africa. Among the processed products of cassava, garri is the simplest and most polular due to its low price. Thus makes garri the staple food for almost all Nigerians, and about 75% of the cassava is processed into garri. According to statistics, in the Nigerian region, about 130 million people consume 12 million tons of garri each year. So there isno need to worry the garri's sales problems.

how profitable is garri processing business in nigeriaGarri processing

Garri processing

Most of the traditional garri processing is done by manhand, which is easy to cause pollution during processing. moreover, with the improvement of the market demand for food quality, this processing method has been unable to meet the hygienic needs. Therefore, it is necessary to choose modern garri processing equipment. The processing of garri is very simple and generally involves cleaning, grinding, peeling, extrusion and dewatering, frying and packing. And the machine involved in garri processing mainly includes: dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cassava peeling machine, hydraulic press, garri fryer and automatic packing machine.

Garri can be eaten in many different ways, such as mix with heating water, or mix with soups, sauces and local dishes. It can even be eaten with sugar, honey, milk, peanuts and even honey according to people's different tastes. It provides people with the necessary carbohydrates to power their daily activities. If you want to engage in the cassava processing business in Nigeria, or have any concern about how profitable is garri processing business in Nigeria, you can contact us. DOING as an expert in garri processing business, we can recommend the garri processing solution that suits you according to your actual situation.

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