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Factors affecting the price of garri processing machine

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Garri is a very popular food in Africa, which is made after the cassava is milled, dehydrated and fried. With the development of industrialization in Africa, more and more people want to engage in garri processing. For them, the price of garri processing machine is their biggest concern, so what is the price of garri processing machine, and what are the main factors influence its price? Let's take a detailed analysis below.

price of garri processing machineGarri processing machine

Factors affecting the price of garri processing machine

1 Market competition impact

There are many garri processing machine manufacturers in the market, including various foreign trade companies and small manufacturers. Foreign trade companies need to purchase equipment from the factory and then sell them to customers, so the price of garri processing machine is naturally higher than the ex-factory price of the equipment. Small manufacturers may have the following problems. Garri processing technology is not advanced enough, and the equipment processing capability is not strong, resulting in low equipment quality. Therefore, although the price of garri processing machine produced by such manufacturers may be lower than that of regular equipment manufacturers, the quality of equipment is low, production can not achieve the expected results, and the efficiency of enterprises is therefore reduced.

Therefore, it is recommended that users should choose a regular manufacturer when purchasing garri processing machine. It is best to choose a equipment manufacturer with his own factory. In this case, not only the price of garri processing machine is ex-factory price, but also the equipment quality is high, the degree of automation is high, and the maintenance cost is low. Doing Company is a such a garri processing machine manufacturer. DOING have decades of experience in R&D and sales of cassava deep processing equipment. And we have professional engineers available for consulting of information on plant construction and price of garri processing machine.

price of garri processing machineEquipment manufacturer

2 The influence of the material selection on the price

Different garri processing machine manufacturers have different materials for equipment manufacturing, and the quality of equipment is therefore different. The garri processing machine is generally made of carbon steel and stainless steel. When carbon steel is used for production, the price of garri processing machine will be lower, but the wear resistance and service life of the corresponding equipment will be worse. Stainless steel is the opposite, the equipment price is higher, but the equipment lasts longer.

Doing Company is very careful in selecting materials for garri processing machine. We can customize garri processing machine of different materials according to customer requirements and your budgets on price of garri processing machine, so that the equipment production efficiency is higher and the equipment runs smoothly. But in order to ensure the quality of the garri meets the food hygiene requirements, the part in contact with the material is generally made of stainless steel.

price of garri processing machineDifferent material of garri processing machine

3 The influence of automation degree

The degree of automation of garri processing machine is also an important factor influencing the price of garri processing machine. Garri production consists mainly of washing, peeling, grinding, dehydration, frying and other processes. For home-style workshops, in order to save costs, manual processing will be selected during the cleaning or peeling stage, and the cassava grinder and garri fryer are purchased to form a simple production line. This type of processing is more economical than full automation, but it takes a long time, requires a lot of labor resources, and consumes more water, and the garri quality produced is not as high as that of fully automatic equipment. Therefore, qualified customers can use fully automated garri processing machine. Although the price of garri processing machine is higher than the semi-automatic production line, the garri processing efficiency is high, and the entire production line only needs 2-3 people. In addition, the fully automated production guarantees that the garri process is protected from external environmental pollution and the quality of the produced garri can be guaranteed.

The above is the main factors affecting the price of garri processing machine. Doing Company has been engaged in cassava processing for more than ten years. Our garri processing machine has been exported to Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc. For anyone who wants to know more about the price of garri processing machine, welcome contact us.

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