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Cassava chipping machine

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Cassava chipping machine is used for processing cassava into chips, the produced cassava chips can be used as animal feed, for making alcohol or for making food.

cassava chipping machineDOING cassava chipping machine

Cassava chipping machine has different types according to different classification

1) The cassava chipping machine can be divided into two categories according to function: cassava peeling and slicing machine, cassava chipping machine. Cassava peeling and slicing machine integrates peel and slice into one, which has there parts, a peeling part, a belt conveyor and a slicing part. Just put cassava into peeling part, cassava can be automatically processed into cassava chips with high efficiency and high quality. This type machine is suitable for large cassava chips plant, and the produced cassava chips is more suitable for alcohol production. Simple cassava chipping machine just slicing cassava into chips. Both of these two machine can adjust the thickness of produced cassava chips.

cassava chipping machineSimple cassava chipping machine

2) According to the power (driving mode), cassava chipping machine can be divided into: hand-cranked type, diesel-driven type and electric type. Hand-cranked cassava chipping machine requiring people to operate, it is the cheapest, but it has low efficiency, low processing capacity, and the produced cassava chips may have ununiform thickness. This type is suitable for home use, and the produced cassava chips can only be used as animal feed. Diesel-driven or electric-driven type cassava chipping machine are suitable for plant processing, the produced cassava chips is uniform in thickness, the produced cassava chips can used as animal feed or for making alcohol. And except handy-cranked one, all kinds of cassava cassava chipping machine can be equipped with electric motor or diesel engine according to the power supply situation at the production site. Different producer can choose one of them according to requirements.

Cassava peeling and chipping machine

3) According to the processing amount, cassava chipping machine can be divided into: small type, medium type and large type. The above two types can both be manufactured into this small, medium and large one. Doing Group can customize cassava chipping machine according to your demand.

Working process: When cassava chipping machine works, the cassava enters the machine, the blade of rotating disk cut cassava into thin chips, and be released from the outlet. The cassava chips is then dried by sun or cassava chips dryer.

cassava chipping machineCassava chipping machine ready for shipping

Structure of cassava chipping machine

Cassava chipping machine mainly consists of main frame, coupling, peeling rolling cage, motor or diesel engine, among which the main frame is composed of the cutter head, the upper and lower casings, and the feeding hopper and so on.

The cutter head is for cut cassava, by adjusting the distance between cutters, the thickness of cassava chips can be adjusted. Normally our cassava chipping machine can produce cassava chips of 10 mm to 20 mm thickness. Of course, we can adjust according to customer's demand. For example, one of our customer order ten sets of cassava chipping machine, and he requires a 40 mm thickness, our engineer design a new type to meet his demand. He is so satisfied with our equipment that he decides to buy belt conveyor and dry sieve from us again.

cassava chipping machineEquipment delivery

Equipment main features:

1. Large capacity and high efficiency, its processing capacity ranges from 1 t/h to 8 t/h, solving the problem of low efficiency of manual production.

2. Reduce waste: this refers to the cassava peeling and slicing type, which can complete the peeling and slicing process of cassava at one time. And a dry sieve can basically remove the surface gray peels and impurities, but keep the cuticle part of cassava, so that it can increase the yield of cassava chips about 3% than manual peeling, thus reduce waste of cassava.

3. Low investment and and good economic benefit. Cassava chips has bright market in international market for alcohol production, eapecially in China, and for animal feed, mainly in European. But it only requires a cassava chipping machine and 2-3 labors.

4. Light weight and convenient movement: Cassava chipping machine has simple structure and light weight, it can be put anywhere for cassava chips processing, and only occupy a small land. Suitable for small farmers, home use or cassava plant processing.

5. In addition, cassava chipping machine has the advantages of low energy consumption, high production efficiency, low breaking rate of cassava chips, simple operation and easy maintenance.

cassava chipping machineDOING engineers check equipment before delivery

Maintenance of equipment

1. Operators should check machine before using and adjust the gap between the blade and the feeding hopper to normal.

2. Check whether the screws of the fixed blade and the cutter head and the screws of the fixed feeding hopper are tightened.

3. Add oil to the bearings before using.

4. Care should be taken to observe the V-belt and adjust the tightness after a period of use.

5. After using, cassava chipping machine should be cleaned every day.

6. Always check the machine for cracks or other problems and repair it in time.

Cassava chips processing is listed as one of the four main processing methods of cassava. It can not only solve the problem of cassava is easy to rot, but can increase the value of cassava. Cassava chips processing will play more and more important influence in Africa countries, therefore it is wise to enter the market and seize the opportunities.

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