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Garri processing machines and their prices

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Jul 27, 2022

The garri processing machines are used to process cassava into garri, which first washes and peels the cassava, then grinds it into a slurry, then extrudes excess water from the cassava pulp and fry it for storage. Garri processing is very common in West Africa, and many families make garri for consumption through simple processing method. The development of modern machinery and equipment has made garri mechanized processing popular in Africa. For them, garri processing machines and their prices are their main focus. This article will introduce the garri processing machines and their prices.

garri processingGarri

Depending on garri processing plant scale, garri processing machines and their prices can be divided into three different scales. The first is a simple garri production line, which is suitable for small-scale home-style workshop production, or a garri producter with a small budget. The most important garri processing machines for this small-scale garri processing workshop includes cassava grater and hydraulic press. The equipment that can be selected includes cassava peeling machine. If the budget allows, you can also add a garri fryer. The garri production line of this scale is not expensive, mainly depending on the configuration, that is, which equipment the customer has selected. The simplest one is to choose only the grinding machine and the dehydrator. The cleaning and peeling can be manually operated, and then the grinding and dehydration process can be realized by mechanical means. Finally, a self-made fryer can be used to dry the garri. If the budget allows, you can add a cassava peeling machine, manual cleaning, mechanical peeling, grating, dehydration, and then fry in a homemade wok. In order to guarantee the quality of garri, the contact part of garri fryer with garri is generally made of stainless steel, therefore the price of a garri fryer is relatively expensive. Customers can decide whether to buy it or not according to the budget.

garri processing machines and their pricesManual peeling, mechanical grating and dewatering

Then is the small and medium-sized garri production line. The small and medium-sized garri production line is semi-automatic production line, and customers can choose equipment according to their own budget. The main garri processing machines are paddle washing machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava grater, dehydrator and garri fryer. Optional equipment includes garri packaging machine. The garri processing machines and their prices are mainly affected by factors such as capacity, material, customized service, technical standard and configuration. The devices with the same configuration and material, the higher the output, the higher the price. The garri processing machines made from stainless steel is more expensive than that made from carbon steel. If the customer wants to customize a single equipment or the entire garri production line, the price will be higher. The difference in configuration refers to the equipment selected by the customer according to his own needs and budget. This price varies from person to person.

garri processing machines and their pricesGarri processing machines

And the large garri production line requires more garri processing machines and their prices are higher. Applicable to manufacturers with large output and high budget. The required equipment is basically the same as that of small and medium-sized production line, but the plate frame filter press is used in dewatering stage. Equipment prices are also affected by material, capacity, and customized services. The larger the production line, the more likely it is to have a customized service, because conventional equipment is likely to fail to meet customer demand for production. Professional engineers are required to design equipment that meets customer requirements. The manufacturing process of the equipment is more complicated and equipment price is higher.

garri processing machines and their pricesLarge garri production line machines

Garri is an important staple food in West African countries. In Nigeria, almost every family eats garri. Most of the garri consumed in Nigeria is produced by using traditional local methods, but you can expand your business by using simple, high efficient modern garri processing machines. And the market demand for garri is strong, and Nigeria's annual garri demand is millions of tons, so sales are not difficult. If you have your own cassava plantation and have extra money, it's a good choice to go in to garri processing, we can recommend the right solution for you based on your budget and production size. And for large plant, DOING engineer can provide you with garri processing machines customized service. Welcome to contact us for garri processing machines and their prices.

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