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Garri is an important product of cassava processing and is very popular in West and Central Africa because it is cheaper than other carbohydrate sources, especially rice and corn. Traditional garri processing is usually hand-made or using self-made simple equipment, which is not only inefficient, high in waste rate, but also produces garri with low quality and cannot meet modern food quality requirements. Therefore, modern mechanized garri processing plant production began to replace traditional manual production.

garri processing machineGarri processing line

Garri processing is generally divided into cleaning, peeling, grinding, dehydration and frying. The garri processing plant required mainly includes dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cassava peeler, cassava grater, hydraulic press and garri fryer.

The first garri processing plant is the cleaning equipment, which consists of a dry sieve and a paddle washing machine. Dry sieve is used to remove most of the attached mud, stones and other large particles. Then use a washing machine to wash away the skin's fine sand, dirt and other small impurities. The dry sieve does not require water, but can remove most of impurities, and when used in conjunction with the washing machine, it not only consumes less water but also achieve better cleaning effect. At the same time, the pressure on each garri processing plant is also smaller, thus the equipment has a longer service life.

cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

Then is cassava peeling machine. The cassava husk contains toxic cyanide-containing compounds, so peeling is necessary. The efficiency of cassava peeling machine of different manufacturers is different. Doing Company combining the characteristics of cassava and introducing advanced European technology, produced a cassava peeling machine with high efficient (the peeling rate is over 95%), the high capacity, simple operation, and through and clean peeling effect. The use of this garri processing plant reduces the labor inefficiency and time-consuming troubles, and greatly saves labor.

cassava graterCassava grater

The next one is cassava grater. The grating is an important garri processing plant in the processing of cassava. It is mainly used to grate cassava into small granules, the higher crushing efficiency, the higher garri yield. The traditional grating uses simple grating equipment, which not only has the insufficient grating, low production efficiency, but also is easy to rust and pollution product quality. DOING cassava grater adopts the two-way grating principle, which makes the grating more thorough and the output is higher. In addition, the material contact part of this garri processing plant is made of stainless steel to ensure product hygiene.

garri processing plantGarri dewatering machine

Dehydration equipment. Use the extrusion principle to remove excess water from the cassava pulp. It can effectively reduce the moisture to the required quality and keep the water stable for easy frying. At the same time, the internal structure of this garri processing plant is made of stainless steel to prevent contamination and improve the quality of the finished product.

Garri frying machine. After dehydration, the garri has high moisture consistency, and use garri fryer to stir wet garri evenly to achieve the desired quality. The garri processing plant ensures that the garri in different parts is heated evenly, no sticky phenomenon and the quality of the produced garri is higher.

garri processing plantGarri fryer

The above is the complete set of garri processing plant. Of course, many customers will choose to purchase two or three single garri processing plant to form a semi-automatic and semi-manual production line, which will increase production efficiency and reduce costs.

Cassava is one of the most important and popular food crops in Africa, as cassava is well suited to tropical climates and soils in Africa. But cassava is can not be stored for long, so it is generally processed into garri, cassava flour, fufu, cassava starch and other products that are more resistant to storage. Garri is the most widely consumed food in West Africa. It is estimated that more than 75% of the cassava are is processed into garri in Africa. Therefore, garri processing has huge business opportunities. If you have enough cassava supply, you can consider engaging in the garri business because it has low processing costs, high profits, and strong market demand. Doing Machinery is a professional manufacturer of cassava deep processing equipment. We can customize the garri processing plant that suits you best according to your budget and production requirements.

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