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Hydraulic press is a widely used garri dewatering machine whose main function is to dewater the extra water from garri. It uses the system of hydraulic and reliable electronic controlling to directly squeeze the water of material and discharge out of charging barrel. In the process of garri and cassava flour making , the machine is going to remove component moisture. In order to ensure that the good quality of finished product, the garri dewatering machine is necessary and indispensable.

garri dewatering machineHydraulic press

Product structure and working process

The garri dewatering machine is mainly composed of a frame, a cylinder, a pressure oil pump, a gland, a motor, a fuel tank, press barrel, etc., and the dewatering effect is ideal. It is mainly suitable for dehydration of materials with poor water flow and high fluidity, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labor intensity and has good economic benefits. Doing Company improved hydraulic press has a higher degree of automation and sufficient dewatering.

When using garri dewatering machine, firstly we need pull put the cylinder and put fermented garri in, then garri is pressed by hydraulic pumping station. The pressed extra water flows out from the press barrel hole and flows to the designated place.

The working pressure and the pressing time of the garri dewatering machine can be set freely: including the total time of single press and the reciprocating frequency of short-distance press.

Manual automatic convertible: Generally use manual mode first, switch to automatic when going down to a certain position, after the automatic pressing time is completed, the pressure plate is automatically reset.

Garri dewatering machineGarri dewatering machine

Doing Company garri dewatering machine technical parameters:

Pressure: 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons, 45 tons, 50 tons. According to product requirements

Required power: hydraulic workstation

Material: 304 stainless steel

Production: 1800kg/h, different product yields

Power: 380V

Power: 4KW

cassava grating machineGarri dewatering machine

Equipment main features

1. This garri dewatering machine adopts hydraulic pressing method to achieve solid-liquid separation by strong pressure extrusion and moisture removal. The products are mainly used for fruit juice extraction, vegetable dehydration processing, garri dewatering and so on.

2. The base of the pressure plate adopts a special process to ensure the continuity and stability of the pressure plate when it is pressed down, and to ensure the uniform dehydration of the material.

3. The material basket is processed by one-time molding process, the inner surface is refined and polished, which is easy to clean, ensure the high quality of dewatered material and the discharge is clean.

4. The operation panel of garri dewatering machine can be equipped with various options such as standard button type or high with PLC computer display. For small producer, button is better choice due to its low price.

5. The press plate and inner barrel that contacts with material part are made of high quality acid and alkali resistant 304 stainless steel material, which meets the national food hygiene requirements and is easy to maintain.

6. The garri dewatering machine is simple in structure, sturdy and durable, convenient in maintenance, low in noise, high in pressure and high in production efficiency.

7. There is no spraying phenomenon in the garri dewatering machine, the working environment is good, the structure and the operation is simple, which is an ideal dewatering machine. The machine with 2 belt type only needs one person operation. Its widely used in cassava dewatering process, especially in garri production line.

8. We have been manufacturing a wide range of garri dewatering machine. The garri dewatering machine is easy to install and requires low maintenance. We develop the machine with the aid of latest technology so that the finished product conforms to set industry norms. We can customize different capacity garri dewatering machine according to customer' requires.

cassava grating machineGarri derwatering machine ready for ship

Method of operation

1. When using garri dewatering machine for the first time, it should be carefully cleaned before use.

2. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is sufficient before starting the machine.

3. Put the machine flat and start the test run. Observe the direction of rotation of the oil pump motor; after normal operation, press the button to press.

Precautions for use:

1) Read the instructions carefully before use and start the garri dewatering machine.

2) Keep the press barrel clean to prevent the press barrel from clogging and affect the dewatering effect.

3) Maintenance of the main unit of garri dewatering machine and its ancillary equipment must be performed in the event of a power failure to avoid accidents such as electric shock or mechanical damage.

4) The dirt remaining on the press barrel should be cleaned in time to prevent it from drying up and becoming difficult to clean.

5) Carry out routine maintenance the equipment as required by the instructions.

cassava grating machineDOING garri dewaterer

Cassava is mainly used for food, forage and industrial development. And 65% of the world's cassava yield is used for human food. Now the cassava processing market is becoming larger, and more cassava flour and garri processing has appeared in Africa and other countries. Therefore, cassava flour and garri making equipment selection is also one of the important steps in the cassava processing. In the dewatering stage, garri dewatering machine can reach dehydration to the maximum, so that the finished products before screening are pure and high-class. Doing Company is professional in garri processing machine designing and manuifacturing, welcome to consult us for garri dewatering machine.

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