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What is the working principle of cassava peeling machine?

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There are different kind of cassava peeling machines in the market, such as plastic brush roller cassava peeling machine, stainless steel brush roller type and sand roller type. But their working principle is basically the same, that is friction principle.

working principle of cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

Below is detail introduction of the working principle of cassava peeling machine:

Take sand roller cassava peeling machine as an example, it takes use of the friction between cassava and sand roller as well as friction between cassava and cassava to achieve the purpose of peeling. The sand roller is rolling in relative direction and driven by the motor. The friction is achieved by direct contact with the cassava root to achieve the peeling effect, and a special automatic high-pressure spray nozzle is provided for the peeled cassava tubers rinsing, the cassava peeling and cleaning effect is very good. With the design of the sand roller, the skin of the cassava is peeled off one by one during the peeling process, which improves the peeling effect without damaging the cassava inner, and the surface peeled cassava tubers is smooth and clean. It is the most advanced cassava peeling washing machine on the market.

cassava peeling machineDOING new type sand roller cassava peeling machine

However, when you use the machine, to ensure the best performance, the cassava tubers input must be started after the start of operation, which can extend the life of the motor and reduce the chance of motor damage. The side of the cassava peeling machine has a discharge port that can be automatically discharged, and the whole machine is not rusted and cleaned. According to requirements, a waste collection tray can be installed at the bottom of the machine to prevent sewage stains and the like from contaminating the ground. Mechanization and automation of cassava peeling are realized. The cassava peeling machine can work continuously without interruption, with large volume, higher output and better effect.

This is the detail introduction of the working principle of cassava peeling, if now you have any other questions, please contact us and we have professional engineer to answer questions for you.

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