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Garri processing and packaging technology in garri processing plant

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Garri processing and packaging is actually a complete processing line from cassava cleaning to final produced garri packaging. The mainly adopted machine in garri processing and packaging in garri processing plant main includes cassava peeling and washing machine, cassava grater, hydraulic press, garri fryer and garri sieving machine.

garri processing and packagingGarri processing and packaging

Step 1: Cassava peeling and washing: It is mainly used to peel the outer grey peels of cassava tubers. Based on our engineer's knowledge and project experience, Doing Company designed a new sand roller cassava peeling machine, whose peeling rate is more than 92%. Except peeling, this machine is also equipped with a water spray system, which can automatically wash the peeled cassava tubers to make peeled cassava cleaner.

Step 2: Cassava grating: To grate cassava into pulp. Unlike manual garri processing, cassava grater can fast grate cassava into pulp, and automatic separate the liquid and cassava pulp. Then the cassava pulp can be put into bags for fermentation directly, which is more efficient.

garri processing and packagingCassava peeling and grating

Step 3: Dewatering: after fermentation, there will have excessive moisture content in the cassava pulp, so dewatering is needed. Small scale garri processing can adopt hydraulic press for dewatering, which can save time and effort. Besides, it's made of stainless steel, ensuring the produced garri clean and hygienic.

garri processing and packagingManual dewatering & stainless steel hydraulic press

Step 4: Garri frying: To fry garri to further reduce the water content for easy storage. To guarantee the heating is uniform, a garri fryer usually needs a flat pot. Besides, a good garri fryer needs to prevent the pasting. Doing Company's garri fryer is the flat pot design, which can automatically stir garri to ensure the moisture uniformity of produced garri. In addition, it is made of stainless steel, no pollution, no pasting.

Step 5: Garri sieving: Before packaging, it will be better to sieve garri to make it finer, so that it has a better appearance and better taste.

garri processing and packagingTraditional garri sieving & garri sieving machine

Finally, after sieving, garri can package into bags. An automatic packaging machine can save your time and directly pack produced garri into bags.

garri processing and packagingGarri packaging machine

To sum up, this is the whole process of garri processing and packaging in garri processing plant. Garri as one of the main daily food in West Africa, garri processing and packaging has gradually changed from manual processing to mechanized processing. And the mechanized garri processing has the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, time saving and labor saving.

Doing Company located in China, is one of the professional cassava processing machines manufacturer, our company can supply a complete set of machines for garri processing and packaging for you.

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