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Water, electricity, steam and land deploy in starch processing plant

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-1. Water

(1) Water quality: The starch processing plant should be built in a place with good water quality. The hardness of water should be smaller, because the presence of calcium and magnesium ions will affect the color and ash of starch.

(2) Water pressure: It is best to use a water tower to ensure a certain pressure.

(3) Water consumption: For the processing of cassava starch, the equipment of Doing Machinery adopts the extrusion process and the internal water circulation process. The water consumption is small, and the water consumption per ton of cassava raw materials process is about 3 tons.

cassava starch plantDOING engineer will design plant machines layout for you

-2. Electricity

(1) DOING starch processing plant equipment has a small electric comsumption, and semi-automatic or small-volume production lines generally do not require special transformers. The power consumption of the automated starch plant is dependent on the machine configuration.

(2) The equipment requires 380 volts, and the electrical equipment should be installed by a professional electrician. The power of the device varies according to the model of the selected device. Please refer to the various device profiles to determine the total power. Or tell us your production requirements, processing plans, etc., determine the configuration of each machine to determine the total power of the machines.

(3) Water is needed in the starch production workshop. The equipment should have good grounding protection device. It should be noted that the motor wiring port should be 100-200mm above the ground to prevent water from entering the wire.

-3. Steam:

The starch drying of our equipment can be used in hot blast stoves instead of steam boilers. The thermal efficiency is high, and the steam consumption per ton of starch is about 0.8 tons.

cassava processing factoryMain starch processing machines from Doing Company

-4. Land requests:

The land for the starch processing plant varies according to the scale. The land can be roughly divided into the following areas: equipment land occupation, raw material occupation, finished product(starch) storage, office area, etc.

The distance between various machines and equipment is not less than 0.5 meters, the distance between the machine and the wall is not less than 0.8 meters, the width of the workshop is generally not less than 8 meters, the width of the door is not less than 3 meters, the ground and operating platform should be flat, and pay attention to anti-slip. The floor drain should be smooth. The complete production line equipment covers an area of ​​not less than 200 square meters, depending on the scale of starch production.

starch processing plantStarch processing plant workshop

It's worth to say that DOING starch processing plant machines include: dry sieve, rotary cleaning machine, paddle washer, cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, hydrocyclone station, peeler centrifuge, vacuum filter, flash dryer, starch sieving machine, etc.

The stacking area of ​​raw materials is designed according to the scale of production, but it is generally close to the processing workshop to reduce the transportation distance.

Doing Machinery's starch processing machine can mainly be used to process cassava starch, potato starch and sweet potato starch.

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