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Which kind of cassava peeling machine popular in Nigeria ?

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The cassava peeling machine in Nigeria is mainly use to remove the peels before cassava grinding or cassava milling, it is a necessary machine for cassava flour, garri or casava chips processing.

cassava peeling machine in nigeriaCassava peeling machine

Both in Nigeria and China, there are many cassava peeling machine suppliers. But because of the technology difference, some peeling rate of cassava peeling machine in Nigeria can not meet the requirement of most customers. Therfore for those who want to do cassava processing business, they prefer to buy cassava peeling machine, garri fryer from China. For the cassava peeling machine made by China is advanced in technology but cheap in price compared with European machine.

Below are some pictures of popular cassava peeeling machine in Nigeria:

cassava peeling machine in nigeria

Features of cassava peeling machine:

The cabinet is made of high quality stainless steel material, no corrosion, clean sanitation.

This cassava peeling machine has small energy, small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance and convenient operation characteristics.

Designed by comining international technology and cassava material features, popular cassava peeling machine in Nigeria has high peeling rate and large processing capacity.

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