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How to make yellow garri by garri making machine?

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Garri is one of the main food in west Africa, which is processed from fresh cassava tubers. According to different processing methods, it can be divided into white garri and yellow garri. Yellow garri tastes better and is more popular in the local market. So you may wonder how to make yellow garri? This article will give you an answer.

how to make yellow garriHow to make yellow garri?

Step 1 Cleaning, washing and peeling of cassava tubers

This is the pre-treatment of raw materials. After harvested, cassava roots are attached to a lot of impurities like sand clay, metals, stones, etc. So removal of impurities is the first step, and next is the washing process which uses water to clean cassava tubers completely. After that, washed cassava should be peeled well before it is sent to the next processing section. For this process, our company manufactures dry sieve, paddle washer, and cassava peeler to instead manual work, which greatly increases production capacity.

how to make yellow garriCassava cleaning & washing machine

Step 2 Cassava grating

After cassava is cleaned and peeled, the next step is to use a grater machine to crush cassava and get a mash. In this process, it is not good if cassava is grated into a very fine particle. Based on our testing, our engineer designs one cassava grater machine that is specially used in garri production and can meet the client's requirements for fineness of the finished product.

how to make yellow garri

Step 3 Fermentation and dehydration

After cassava is grated, we can get cassava mash and then put them into a porous bag for further fermentation. Fermentation time is normally for 2-3 days and can be adjusted according to the actual environment. After fermentation is finished, use a hydraulic press machine to remove starch water and get wet cassava cake. The hydraulic press designed by DOING is made of stainless steel which can ensure the higiene of produced garri.

how to make yellow garriAdd palm oil for making yellow garri

Step 4 Frying and sieving

The wet cassava cake after dewatering need to be fried to get dry garri. To get yellow garri, we need to add palm oil and mix it with cassava cake before it is fried. If palm oil is not added, we will get white garri. So palm oil is the key point for making yellow garri. Finally, we can use a vibration sieve machine to separate it into diverse grain sizes and avoid the chaffs of the cassava from being present in the garri.

Above is the process of how to make yellow garri. If you are interested in garri making machines that used in garri production, please contact us for a detailed proposal.

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