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Video of cassava chips processing - traditional method VS modern technology

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What the video shows is the traditional cassava chips processing line and modern cassava chips processing line.

As the video shows, the traditional cassava chips processing adopts simple cassava slicing machine to slice cassava into chips and then dry cassava chips under the sun. The produced cassava chips is easily contaminated due to long time exposed in the air. Therefore the produced cassava chips has low quality and is normally be used as animal feed or for alcohol production.

The modern mechanical cassava chips processing adopts DOING newest cassava chipping machine and cassava chips dryer to make high quality cassava chips. Due to there is no cassava in our factory, we try the cassava chips machine with sweet potato. And the video clearly displays that the produced chips are uniform in thickness. Besides, our newest cassava chips machine can produce 5-7 tons of cassava per hour which greatly improve the production efficiency. In addition, compared with sun drying, our cassava chips dryer can effectively dry cassava chips within hours. And the produced cassava chips is in high quality by modern cassava chips processing technology, if equipped with a peeling machine to remove peels of cassava, the produced cassava chips can be used for food.

If you want to improve your cassava chips processing efficiency or produce high quality cassava chips, welcome to contact Henan Doing Company, we can supply you with complete cassava chip processing line machine as your requirements.

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