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Garri packaging machine operation video

Video/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Jul 25, 2019

This video shows the packaging process for the garri packaging machine. The garri packaging machine is a device for automatically metering, filling, sealing, cutting and counting the bag in combination with the manual putting bags. This garri packaging machine has the following characteristics:

1. Simple operation and stable running, only one or two people can complete the whole package, the whole packaging process is simple and fast.

2. The garri packaging machine adopts spiral feeding method, which can ensure that the material can be easily sealed into the package.

3. Intelligent control, high measurement accuracy, good thermal balance to ensure the quality of sealing.

4. A variety of garri packaging machine specifications for customers to choose, there are 25kg/bag, 50kg/bagk and 100kg/bag.

5. Applicable to a variety of packaging materials such as cassava starch, cassava flour, garri, potato starch, etc..

6. Intelligent speed control system can adjust the packaging speed according to packaging requirements, improving production efficiency.

7. Continuous sealing, this garri packaging machine cutting speed is faster and the effect is better.

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