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How to make starch from cassava root ?

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Make starch from cassava roots flow and machine photo

Starch is one of the most abundant substances in nature, a renewable and almost unlimited resource. Cassava starch is produced primarily by the wet milling of fresh cassava roots but cassava starch also can be produced from dry cassava chips. Cassava starch is used to produce such diverse products as food, paper, textiles, adhesives, beverages, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, and building materials.

How to make starch from cassava root ? 

The mechanized production of  make starch from cassava root process as below : 

1.Cassava receival of making starch from cassava root 
After the cassava is sent to the factory by truck, it will then have to pass through the weighing process. In the next step,the cassava will be randomly selected to test the amount of starch by using the object floating in liquid, in order to evaluate the cost of selling. The cassava will then be poured together on the concrete floor, waiting for the production process further. 
cassava starch processing machine
Cassava starch processing machine
2. cassava cleaning and washing process of making starch from cassava root 
The cassava that has been through the quality inspection process will be sent to sieve to separate the soil and sand. After that, the cassava is sent to the washing process to clean up the residue. The cassava is then sent to the hewing and peeling machine to minimize the size of the cassava and separate the peel before entering the grinder.
3. Cassava grinding process of making starch from cassava root 
The clean cassava is sent to the grinder to chop it into sizes of 1-2 inches. These small pieces will be poured into the scraper or pounding machine, which is located underneath. This process is to observe the smaller pieces of cassava in order to enhance the efficiency for the extraction of starch. 
4. Cassava pounding process of making starch from cassava root 
After that, water will be added to the mashed potato and sent to the extractor to extract the starch from the cellulose. In general, the extraction process is carried out several times. Most factories normally use 3 sets of extractors; however, large factories may use 4 continuous sets. The first set will be rough extraction using mesh with a size of 60-80 mesh and the last set will be fine extraction using the filter with a size of 90 mesh. In this process, they normally add sulfuric acid to inhibit the function of microorganisms, which changes starch molecules into lactic acid. The cassava pulp from the extraction process contains large amounts of water and low starch content. The cassava pulp will be extracted from the starch water in order to be introduced into the waste compactor and to be dried in the sun, to be mixed as animal feed or mixed with cassava chips in order to produce the cassava pellets.
5. Concentration of starch of making starch from cassava root 
In order to prevent chemical reactions and biochemical reactions from microorganisms, which would result in a reduction of the quality of starch, the time taken for the starch production must be as short as possible. Therefore, the process of increasing the concentration of starch is often an ongoing process without any resting tank as in other processes. The starch water that has been separated from the cassava pulp will be passed through the separators, which can be either centrifugal separators or hydrocyclone, most factories prefer centrifugal separators. In order to get good quality cassava starch, they often use 2 sets of centrifugal separators to separate all of the cassava pulp and increase the concentration of starch. 
6.Drying and packing of starch product of making starch from cassava root
The starch water will be separated from the starch using centrifuge. The separated starch will then sprayed into a steam pipe with 200 degree Celsius of high pressure hot air from the furnace. The strength of the wind will blow the starch up the chimney and  will fall into the cyclone. It takes only a short period of time to dry the starch, in order to prevent condensation of starch granules and on the other hand, to prevent decomposition of the starch as well. The hot air used in drying process comes from burning  bunker oil and is filtrated, to prevent contamination, before blowing into the steam pipe. The cassava starch received from the  cyclone is a hot, fine, dry starch, which will be immediately cooled down by a cold cyclone before being poured down the sieve,   to get equal sizes of starch. The dried starch is then sifted through a sieve before being packed into the silo. Most of the silo will be  large enough to contain the 24 hours starch production process. The packaging of the starch into bags of small factories is done  with a semi-automatic process. Meanwhile, large factories normally use an automatic system in the packing process.
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