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Key points in selecting processing equipment for tapioca starch plant

Date:Oct 05, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online

Fresh tapioca is an ideal material for starch extraction. In addition to simple baking, it can be processed into starch and then made into various foods or beverages or other uses. Therefore, for the different kinds of tapioca starch production. Companies need to choose the right equipment for tapioca starch plant uses. Specifically, the key points in selecting processing equipment for tapioca starch plant include the following points:


1. According to economic strength and market requirements to select the equipment for tapioca starch plant There are many processing technologies for tapioca starch plant on the market, such as full-swirl process, small and medium-sized simple processes, small and simple processes. The easy-to-use tapioca starch plant equipment manufacturers introduce some of them for large-scale production and use, and the finished tapioca starch quality is very good, the processing cost is relatively higher, and some are suitable for small-scale processing and use, relatively required investment. The low cost is more suitable for the processing of tapioca starch for food production. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate process according to your actual conditions and requirements, and then equip with the corresponding tapioca starch plant equipment.

tapioca starch plant Main equipment used in tapioca starch plant from DOING

2. Determine the uses of tapioca starch, choose the appropriate equipment configuration Because the uses of tapioca starch is different, the quality requirements of starch are also different. Therefore, the DOING company reminds that it is necessary to clarify this point and then select the appropriate equipment for tapioca starch plant and make the corresponding investment. For example, the products of relatively large starch producers are generally used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The requirements for the products are relatively high, relatively fine and require the removal of all the proteins inside. If it is used for edible starch, then the accuracy is generally not high, as long as the whiteness and certain viscosity are ensured when the food is made and the impurities are not involved, it is not necessary for large scale of investment. All in all, just tell us your requests for finished starch, we will give the suitable suggestion for you to select the processing equipment for tapioca starch plant.


3. Determine the appropriate production scale Many cassava are planted in some mountainous areas and relatively remote areas with inconvenient transportation. So if the tapioca starch plant is too large, it may be difficult to produce on a large scale, so it may increase the cost. Instead, choose small scale tapioca starch plant processing is more appropriate. Therefore, Doing Company suggests that it is possible to select a relatively small device, so that the site can be flexibly set up for simple production without incurring too much cost, and to some extent, the risk can be reduced and a relatively high profit can be obtained. But if your raw material supply is enough, still suggest you to choose the large scale tapioca starch plant to start your business, to get higher profit, after all, tapioca starch is very popular and with large demand in the world.


These are just a few of the points of selecting the processing equipment for tapioca starch plant. In addition, you should also pay attention to the energy consumption of the equipment. If small and medium-sized equipment is selected, although the cost of equipment investment is low, it should also consider the quality and future cost performance. If the energy consumption is high, it will also increase the cost, so it is necessary to put together more consideration in this regard for the equipment used in tapioca starch plant selection.

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