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New design cassava chipping machine operation video

Video/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Aug 26, 2019

This is operation video of DOING newest cassava chipping machine. This cassava chipping machine can process root crops like cassava, potato, sweet potato, which can easily slice them into chips of 10-25mm. The thickness of produced cassava chips is adjustable according to demand, and it produce 4-6 tons of cassava chips per hour. This new design cassava chipping machine has the advantages of high speed, stable operation, long service life.

cassava chipping machineCassava chipping machine

Technical parameters of cassava chipping machine:

Weight 1100 kg
Engine Electric or diesel
Power 5.5kw / 5.67kw
Cutter One cutter / four blades
Cutter disc


Cutter speed 450-650 r/min
Productivity 5-6t/h(mechanical loading roots)
Chip thickness 10-25mm (adjustable)
Size 2300*1750*2200mm


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