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Garri processing line 3D running video in garri processing plant

Video/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 31, 2021

This is the garri processing line running video in garri processing plant. There are three main parts of garri processing.

Firstly, cassava cleaning part. In this video, the cassava is firstly be transported into a dry cleaner through belt conveyor, here it will remove attached debris. Then it goes into a paddle washer, where it can completely wash all impurities on cassava.

Then, cassava processing part. The cleaned cassava is conveyed to a cassava peeler by another belt conveyor for peeling. After that, peeled cassava is grated into a mash by cassava grater. Then cassava mash goes into a hopper for automatic packing. The packed cassava mash needs to be fermented for 2 or 3 days. 

Finally, garri drying part. The fermented garri is firstly dewatered into the cake by hydraulic press. Then the garri cake is broken to fine particle by a hammer mill. After that, the wet garri goes into garri fryer by screw conveyor to be fried and dried. Then the obtained garri is sieved by a garri sieving machine to remove large particles. Finally, the produced garri will be packed for sale or storage.

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