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Cassava chips processing plant working video

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This video is for showing how our cassava chips processing plant machine to process the fresh cassava root into cassava chips. There are three parts in this video, that is cassava peeling machine,cassava chipping machine and the cassava chips drying machine.Cassava chips are unfermented white dried products of cassava with an average diameter of 3mm – 5mm often used as a carbohydrate base in the animal feed industry , or milled into flour for other uses such as in the production of ethanol, cakes, dough nut and biscuits.
cassava chips processing machine

Cassava chips processing machine

The cassava chips processing plant production process mainly include:cassava peeling,cassava chipping,cassava chips processing.
1. Cassava peeling :
At the begining,the workers load the fresh cassava into the rotary cassava peeling machine , the rotaty cassava peeling machine will remove the dirty on the surface of cassava and peel the cassava outter yellow peel.Then the peeled cassava will be transport to the cassava chipping machine by the belt conveyor automatically .
2.  Cassava chipping:
The belt conveyor transport the peeled cassava to the cassava chipping machine .The cassava chipping machine slice the peeled cassava  into small chips of about 1-2 centimetre thickness and 6-7 cm long or adjust to market demand.The fresh cassava chips will be tranport to cassava chips drying machine tanks wait for drying .
cassava chips drying machine
Cassava chips drying machine
3.Cassava chips drying:
The cassava chips drying machine will dry the wet chips at low temperature (not higher than 60 ℃).The drying time need last about 14-16 hours for get the good quality dry cassava chips. After drying,the dry cassava chips moisture content is about 12%-14%.


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